Sad situation at Michigan State

I used to think Tom Izzo ran a good program. Evidently not. Seems to be the Big Ten version of Baylor football.

Reading this is rather sickening.

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Swine after hearing his news conference earlier this year after he had been called out over the assistant coach whom had assaulted a woman and was living in his house and allowed to coach and get paid it was obvious that Izzo is just an over paid scum bag! The football program is just as dirty!

I am surprised that Izzo is still employed at MSU. Of course Louisville hung on to Ricky boy until the next scandal broke.

It may take legal charges or a law suit filed against him by a victim for him to get fired !
This is an example of win at all cost.

Sickening. A major black-eye for the institution.
Indecisiveness only broadens the negative image.

It’s not just Izzo and the basketball team. The scandal also involves Mark Dantonio and the football team. It’s beyond bad.

They need to clean house at Michigan State. Horrible stuff.

School president is gone. The AD is gone. Larry Nassar is in jail. But the trustees are still there. So are Izzo and Dantonio.

Between rapists on the basketball team and a molesting doctor, MSU is in a world of hurt. The girls who are going to sue the school over the years of predation by Nassar are going to win, and it’s going to cost the school a helluva lot of money.

It’s funny. If I hadn’t been dead-set on attending UA, I would have seriously considered Michigan State. They offered me a really good scholarship package, much better than what UA did. And they also had a point guard at the time named Earvin Johnson; the Spartans won the NC my freshman year.

I’m really glad right now, though, that they’re not my alma mater.

I know it’s not near as bad, but they were also one of the schools the FBI named.

While cleaning out closets this week I came across my report cards first grade through graduation. No scholarship offers for me. I was reminded why. Thankfully Arkansas A&M (now UA Monticello) allowed me to enroll.

I won’t happen but the death penalty would be appropriate for MSU.

I think the moral compass has been lost in our country! We have gotten away from the principles the country was founded upon and it is destroying our moral integrity! In God We Trust!

Army, I fear you hit the bullseye. The angle of history
is tilted against Christians and the slope is worsening.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new, including at Arkansas. Do you remember why Roland Sales had to be the 1978 Orange Bowl hero? Because Ben Cowins and Micheal Forrest were suspended for, yes, a sexual assault. And yes, I give Lou Holtz credit for suspending them, instead of sweeping it under the rug as MSU has done.

But I remember another Holtz team where various players (at approximately the same time) were accused of: Pimping; stealing a cow (seriously); and major shoplifting at Walmart. Pretty much swept under the rug, all of it. And that was 40 years ago. Boys being boys, I guess.

My Dad was present when a starting LB threw some annoyance through a plate-glass window. I’m pretty sure that and the glass were swept under the rug.

There’s a huge difference between a player getting caught drinking or breaking a window compared to rape or sexual assault. Those are the examples of charges that I would feel better if they were just kicked off the team and out of school!

Mike Anderson don’t play with anything dealing with a man hitting a woman let alone it be anything else! Enforce standards and stick to it!

I’ve always beens a Michigan State fan simply from the fact I can’t stand Michigan or O-State and hoped they would pound them. That said, they have waded into an endless swamp with all the events on many fronts surrounding sexual misdeeds. It will be a long time before climbing out of the swamp and justifiably so.

We will have to wait and see what develops. I don’t believe she is the innocent girl the lawsuit claims and it’s not unusual for women to lie about rape because they are never punished for their lies. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if Michigan State did attempt to protect their top players.

If there is much truth to the lawsuit there will almost certainly be a settlement, because, like all lawyers, her lawyer is in it for the money.