Sad news about Malachi Singleton

looks like he’s having surgery on his foot this morning. His mom posted a couple of pics on Facebook. He’s expected to be out eight weeks.

It appears he’s played with pain and got it checked out this week.

That’s not good… always fearful of knee or foot injuries and surgery and them ever getting back to 100%.

I was almost relieved when I opened the post…the headline was so ominous sounding…maybe “Sad Injury News…”


Very true Youda…

Any update here? What was the injury and what surgery corrected it? Foot issues are serious.

Have not heard any more details.

Evidently surgery went well. His coach and his mom have said he could return in eight weeks which would be the playoffs.

That’s good news

I hate it as he plays at my sons’ school. Oh well. Wishing a speedy recovery.


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