Sad news about Lance Blanks

I didn’t realize he had been an NBA GM. He sure was a thorn in our side for several years.

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Damn, athletes are dying young. We had Calvin Davis a few days ago at 52 years of age and now this. In between US champion and Olympics medalist at 100M and 200M Tori Bowie died at 32.

Aloha PJ,
I wonder if there is any correlation with PEDs and early deaths of athletes. Damage to heart and other organs.
UA…Campus of Champions

None of these three were accused of PEDs. So probably not the case with them.

But in general, I would say heavy use of PEDs have proven to cause some long term issues. Not sure about heart attacks. But I am not an expert in this. I think SwineFusion being in the healthcare industry, can probably tell us more about this.

There is plenty of evidence that some anabolic steroid users traded performance enhancement for years off their lives. Other PEDs, not so clear, at least to my knowledge.

Blanks’ daughter wrote a memorial to her father which is on the ESPN website today. Included is the cause of death: Suicide.

What a terrible shame. I can only imagine what could drive a man to such despair. His poor family.

Loved watching Blanks play. A good guy as well

What a shame