Sad Day In Many Ways

What did today’s small crowd truly indicate? Fans are unhappy with CBB? Arkansas fans only support winners? That is what it seems to indicate.
The best thing the small crowd could have indicated is a total disdain for the Jeff Long firing and what seems to indicate that people with money can’t be happy just being rich.
Nationally we are currently seeing the rich solidifying their hold over the government through the currently legal bribing of our Congress and the foolishness of the people who sit and watch it happen and vote in ways that give the rich just what they want.
All reports thus far seem to indicate we are seeing the same thing here. Rich people, who Long would not let have control over the program, are using the BOT to get their way. Does anyone really think many of these people care a single bit about the average Hog fan? I believe they care about the program, but not really about the steerage fans.
Those of you that are mad at Long for ticket price increases, do you really think you are going to see ticket prices go down now that he is gone? Do you really think parking is going to be better for the average fan? If you do, good luck in your bubble, because it is not going to happen. They will address what the money people want them to address to make their experience even more cushy.
If the fans stayed away to let the BOT see that the rich are important but they sure as heck cannot fill the ever expanding stadium, then that is a great thing. It is a good message to get through to the power brokers and us the rabble. You need the non-filthy rich to fill your seats and perhaps you should listen to what they have to say.
If they stayed away because they don’t like CBB or as with the basketball team, they will only support winners then that is a horrible message to send to those recruits and their families that the fans so desperately want to leave their homes in Texas and Louisiana to come to a very special place that suddenly does not seem so special.
Anyone think if Bama was having a down season their fans would not show up? Perhaps today’s game showed that the state and university that I love is not such a special place after all. I am sure that was not the message they thought they were sending.

I think the message was - our team stinks, our coaching staff stinks and the weather sucked. With that being said someone gave me their tickets and I went yelled my frozen tookus off in support of a 4-7 team.

I think the common fan has had enough of watching a program that seldom plays a competitive game. You and I both know that the Razorback fan faithful as a whole is pretty forgiving and generally shows up. However, this coaching staff (much like Stan Heath and John Pelphrey in BB) has killed the programs spirit.

With you on that one NavyHog.

I am merely asking the question and commenting on the small fan being walked over by the rich fan. But I do wonder if you help a troubled program by abandoning them? Is that what a faithful, loyal fan base does?
Personally as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone I really don’t care what a person does. I do care when they say they are one way and their actions reflect another.
Does this program truly want to be like Alabama? This is a goal I think we should strive for whether we get there or not. But we don’t get there by being weak, whiny and divided. We stand strong behind the program and portray a fandom that is worthy of a top coach and top recruits. We don’t pout because we are not getting what we think we deserve and go home until someone makes us happy. We support the players and coaches until they are no long OUR players and coaches. And as for the players I think we support them long afterwards as long as they deserve it.
I see no evidence that everyone involved is not trying to win. They just aren’t winning for a variety of reasons. But they appear to me to be trying. As long as that is the case it would be great if the fans would show up and support them. The chances of the team performing well is far larger with a large supportive crowd.
Don’t try to tell me the spirit is strong and then tell me the bad coaches killed the spirit. You are either strong or you are not. If you are donkey don’t question my intelligence by telling me you are a unicorn.
Oh and kudos to you for going. You are a good fan who did see some good football for most of the game. Funny that you are making excuses for those that did not.

anti-capitalist rhetoric. It’s been a few days - with our apathetic, less than zero attention span society do you think anyone still cares who Jeff Long is?