Sad Day At My House

We had to put down our golden retriever Wednesday night. Buddy was almost 12. He was such a kind gentle dog. My wife and boys cried. I’ll miss him hanging out with me each morning when I got up to drink coffee and read the paper in my chair. Before we put him down, I told everyone that he was the only one in my house that was consistently happy to see me each day when I finally got home!

Funny animal story from my vet that he offered that night. He had old man many years ago tell him: “In life, a man is usually lucky to have one good horse, one good dog, and one good woman. And you better appreciate them while you have them. Lord knows I’ve plenty of all three to know the difference” he said! That was funny to me the other night as we waited.

Anyway, happy holidays and hope this season is brighter for everyone!

So sorry about Buddy. I completely understand. We’ve lost several but none as heartbreaking as Daisy our Australian Sheppard. She loved us well and helped raise our 2 girls. Good memories.

So sorry to hear about your dog. They become such loyal unwavering buddies. Glad you got 12 good years of friendship from Buddy.

In my house dogs are family and we have one family member getting quite long in the tooth… I dread the day that you experienced. Very sorry for your loss.

So sorry for your loss, I know how it hurts.

Sorry for your loss. Having a pet is so great, but the pain of losing one is tough. I still miss my pets from years ago. If there is a heaven for my pets, I am going to have a lot of fun playing with them and seeing them again.

I knew what it was going to be before I opened the thread. Sure enough, losing man’s best friend. We have two labs, both 10. They are brother and sister. The male has some tumors. Can’t get them. So we are going to have to make a decision soon. The female seems in much better shape, but they do have the same genetics, so you never know. Becca has a 3-year-old chocolate lab who sleeps with us when we dog sit. And, my wife just gets excited when she sees her (the lab) coming. Becca jogged by our house this morning with Roux pulling her. Jean Ann yelled, “How is my grand dog?”

So sorry for your loss.

Sad to hear you lost Buddy. Our pets become part of our daily life and they keep you company. My German Sheppard watched the kids and grandkids like a hawk. She won’t let them get close to the road and nobody can get out of their car here at the house until I let her know it’s okay.
She waits for me every morning at the back door. Always wagging her tail and wanting to play.
She is 4 years old. Her name is Roxie.

We got her when Shelby died. We were able to give Shelby’s puppies away for several years and occasional I see folks that have her pups. Most of the time people asked how much we wanted for the pups and all I ask them to do was give them a good home. I enjoy having my pets.
I don’t have a way now to get you a puppy or I would offer to give you one.

I am so sorry for your loss. We have dogs for such a short time and they give us so much love. In memory of Buddy and all of those that I remember:
:broken_heart: and (:broken_heart: x 12)

Sorry for you loss.

I lost my best friend Bailey - a boxer - two Christmases ago.

I spent his last couple of weeks carrying him outside so he could take care of his business. He was a very prideful dog and would look at me like “Put me on the ground, I can do this myself” but he couldn’t.

He took his last breath in my arms with me crying like a little baby just like I did when my wife passed away in my arms.

The good thing is that we took in my mom’s puggle Fred when she and my brother died in the car accident on Dec. 15, 2015.

My wife jokes that Fred has taken over Bailey’s role of being my constant companion and listening to me talk, gripe, celebrate, etc.

Fred looks like he understands me when I talk.

I need that. We all need that.

Lost two here and cried like a baby both times.

Totally understand the pain. God bless you and the family.

This might not help but my favorite story that describes the relaltionship we have with dogs.
It’s a true story:

Tough thread. A day all of us animal lovers dread going through. Sorry for your loss.

I had to finally step in and make the decision for everyone. He was a prideful dog and would go do his business at the farthest point of our place in the back, but lately was having accidents in the house and not able to walk. He had something bad wrong in his back and wasn’t able to walk the last week. He tried like a champ but his nerv3s in his lower back wouldn’t cooperate. He had some tumors also so that was probably part of it. When he wouldn’t eat and just sat where you put him, I couldn’t watch that anymore.

The real tough part is that we are building a new house with more land for him that’s going to have a small lake in the development. Joy says we’re not getting another dog, but I know that’s emotion speaking. This place will scream dog once we are settled. I got the best vet and best trainer in northeast Louisiana, so they’re already looking for me, quietly so she doesn’t know. I figure by next fall we’ll have another one.

I’ve told lots of people through the years that I thought I was going to be a pediatrician until I did my pediatric rotation at Children’s in Little Rock and did a month In their ICU, seeing a couple of babies and toddlers die. That sealed it for me and I went on to family medicine. After the other night, I’m glad I didn’t do vet school because that was also VERY hard.

Sorry to hear this. Tough emotional decision to make, you had 12 great years together.

Don’t know which is hardest, when something happens to them unexpected out of your control or when that day comes & there is no other choice.

Neither one is better than the other. I can tell ya.

The pain of losing a pet is excruciating. I know. We lost one about six years ago. Took us awhile to get another. The house isn’t the same without them. The good news, in time, another dog can turn a sad day at the house into a glad day. But only in time …


I was always the one that resisted, but Megan would say otherwise. I’m glad I listened.

So sorry for your loss. I love animals of all kinds, but especially dogs. My little 4 legged friend is lying on the rug by my feet as I type this. She’s probably about 11–we got her as a rescue 7 years ago when she was probably about 4. I know dogs don’t live much past 12-13, so I’m already dreading losing her. They’re wonderful companions. I’ve loved about 6 dogs in my life & still miss the ones who’ve gone.

Get another one soon. You won’t regret it.

Sorry to hear of your loss, dogs fill holes in our life in so many ways that people can’t. Today this board shows how close of a family we are fortunate to have as Hog fans, it’s priceless to see fans lay their opinions aside and comfort one another in difficult times. Again sorry for your loss and may you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year by remembering all the great times with your pet. WPS

Sorry to hear about Buddy. They are such good companions, Loyal, and true. Truly, mans best friend. Mack, my 12 year old boxer, passed in September. The best part of both our days was our nightly walk. I don’t know who enjoyed it more. I miss him terribly but hope to start scouting for another one soon. They are good for your soul.

Dogs are special.
I agree with Mark Twain: If I get into Heaven, and there aren’t any dogs there, I’m going to ask if I can go to wherever the dogs got to go.