Sad day at ESPN

The job market never stays the same. Always blessed to have a job. … -1.3102620

Some on that list made me turn the channel. I did not like listening to Danny Kanell. Ed Werder was kind of boring. Many of the others on the list I’d never heard of before.

As those cutting the cable continue, cuts will continue.

I love Ed - obviously because of his connections to Dallas and the Cowboys.

The list of 35 includes 33 men and only two females. Ratings?

I bet that reflects the overall break down of the on-air talent. Far more men then women. And, they probably cut where the money was, veteran men.

ESPN’s political and moral agenda is hurting them, imo.

This is probably a conservative estimate, but I would guess the network cut at least $10 million from its budget with the 100 layoffs today.

It’s going to take those kinds of drastic cuts for ESPN to stay ahead. The math doesn’t work when your subscription revenues are decreasing and rights costs are increasing at unprecedented rates.

Politics has very little, if anything, to do with this. It is cutting the cord. Who needs sportscenter anymore? You can get Trout’s latest feats, Ovi’s hat trick and PBev and Russ’s beef in a vine or gif on twitter 30 seconds after it happens. When is the last time you stayed up to watch sportscenter to catch the Cards v Cubs score? Don’t you just check it on your phone?

Millions of people are cutting the cord that don’t even watch espn. That’s what is driving this.

Wait until Netflix and Amazon prime are able to carry live programming.

As the great American artist Bill Paxton once said in the fine piece of cinema Alien, “Game over man, game over!”


Good point. Hadn’t thought about the fact that most of the women are recent hires and by definition paid less than men who have been there for a long time.

Its going to take a lot more than 10 million. Thousands of people everyday are cutting the “cord” and their rights fees are only going up.

I saw today that Clay Travis is predicting in 2021 that ESPN will lose money. It was funny watching all of the ESPN people say he was wrong the past few years about the whole situation but I guess he got the last laugh in the end.

The layoffs today is like trying to fix an arterial bleed with a band aid.

Clay Travis didn’t foresee anything. He parroted the analysis of others in the position to know. If Clay had had his way, he would have been an ESPN employee (and on the firing line now). When Clay didn’t get what the job he wanted, he started putting out all the negative stuff on ESPN he could imagine. The guy is a tool.

Is it true that Jeremy Crabtree was one of those let go by ESPN?

Yes. Jeremy was laid off.

ESPN is a big reason why we get so much live sports coverage now. I hate for that to change. So whoever is cutting out ESPN because of politics is not thinking long term from the sports point of view.

I agree with those who say this is driven by changing viewer habits which are driven by faster technology. The internet is doing this to ESPN. We’re accustomed to watching changing technology make many jobs & even industries obsolete, but I don’t know if any of us would’ve seen this coming too many years ago.


From my little port hole out here in the wide pacific, just discussing ESPN in general, it has really changed over the years. Some good, some bad. I don’t have the time to watch much TV. Personally, I aimed for one hour of ESPN SC for my daily sports fix. However, the move away from highlights, liberal left agenda and away from men with playing experience to women without any just soured on me. Understand the cable cord cuts is affecting ESPN the most, but their other changes has affected my opinion and viewing time of ESPN. ESPN, due to all of their changes, is no longer must TV for me. I would rather spend 30’ lurking on HI boards than watching ESPN.


I think very soon you will see ESPN develop its own app/subscription service where you pay individually for it. I cut the cord and subscribe to Sling TV via the Roku to get the ESPN family of channels.

But doesn’t ESPN get revenue from you getting it through Sling TV? So, that should be revenue neutral. If that is a loophole, why don’t they close it?

And what would those agendas be? I keep seeing this posted and it’s just dumb. There just isn’t a better way to put it.

Espn is neither liberal nor conservative. Its party is the money party. If it gets eyeballs, subscribers and ad revenue then they’re about it. That’s why the awful debate shows have taken over–relatively cheap production costs and relatively solid (people love to hate Stephen A. Smith) ratings.

My guess is your Hot take is that because they employ several minority on-air talents and aren’t homophobic Espn has political or moral agendas and are left-leaning.

Meanwhile, Tebow (very conservative and very religious) can’t clear his throat without it leading Sportscenter. Billichick and Brady aren’t far behind and they’re conservatives. Saban seems to be politically conservative but plays dumb on politics.

But for Lebron, thoss guys dominate ESPN. That’s before you stop and realize that ESPN once hired a totally unqualified Rush Limbaugh to analyze its cash cow–the NFL.

So, the agenda stuff is more of the same. If someone disagrees with someone or something then they have an agenda. Whatever.

Meanwhile, the real reason for the cuts is blatantly obvious. People are cutting the chord and it’s killing cable TV and in particular networks that overpaid for broadcast rights.

Everything isn’t some hot take, karmaic comeuppance. Money talks. Always had and always will.

Good grief. Move away from men with playing experience? The network is dominated by men–especially in terms of color commentary.

Women without any playing experience doing PBP soured you? Which ones? They all played basketball or whatever sport they’re covering as an analyst. Hilarious.

They had the gall to put someone like Doris Burke on as a PBP announcer and that just disgusts you. Nevermind that she has a ton of playing experience, is very good at her job and paid her dues.

How ridiculous. Two or 3 female announcers out of 100s offends your sensibilities and is a threat to the good ole boy system. What a joke.

If the person can do the job and bring something to the table, there’s nothing wrong with them being considered and when warranted, hired.

If they aren’t good, fire them. But, suggesting the hiring of women is a liberal agenda is moronic.

I don’t even know where to start.

It’s happening across ALL cable networks. It’s more pronounced at ESPN because of the massively short-sighted TV deals they signed.

Young people and students are leaving faster than anyone - traditionally a more liberal demographic.

Don’t you think ESPN would know if this is why they are hemorrhaging money?

Don’t you think someone at Disney or ABC, or the Board or Directors, would tell them to fix such a simple problem?

Don’t you think a competitor, like Fox Sports, would’ve exploited that before they quickly floundered?

Disagree with their approach if you want, but saying politics - or anything other than economics - is to blame?

C’mon man.