Sachawgs game thread (now the official game thread!)

great run by Boyd

Bumper flying around all over

Yes he is

We need to take it home now…

That sucked

Shades of Preston Watts…sigh…

These officials seem to like KY.

Unreal we come out of pile with ball but Ky ball?

SEC Refs

Terrible read by official

Wow, now we have it

Nothing new. Gotta beat KY and refs…

Get it on Hogs…

Lets go Hogs put 7 on the board now, gotta take advantage

Defense playing well. Need 7 here for sure.

Good job of starting your own game thread. I approve.

I also approve of the Hogs playing hard.

Thank you, dang we needed 7 there

Looked like we had someone open up at the back of the endzone, either Burks or Morris. Missed opportunity.

They have got to figure out how to get a TD when they are in the red zone. That has been a real problem.

I like the FG, but I would have preferred a TD.

We started very well, our first qtr was much better than usual.

Exactly Marty. It’s very frustrating.

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