Saban's act doesn't fly with everyone

Interesting read. Seems we had some problems at the same school but the problem has been rectified. And again, dropping offers to kids causes hurt feelings.

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Note the reference to ARK at the bottom.

I did, which I mentioned in OP

The HS coach has been fired.

I guess sabans act will fly high again.

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So I was just watching the finebaum show and he hinted that Jim Hairball had done some dirty recruiting in Georgia.

This thread is talking about dirty recruiting by bama.

One thing we know is that it is very common in many different ways.

I also am wise enough to understand even my beloved university probably doesn’t always shoot it straight, it’s just the nature of the game these days.

What I do not know is, are players subject to punishment if caught involved with a dirty recruiting process? I know coaches and schools take a lot of heat for it, but I’ve never heard of a player getting in trouble. I personally believe they should if they are receiving compensations, they know TD wrong, and they should be held accountable. I think it would discourage players from even being involved with it.
Maybe they do and I just have missed it, just doesn’t seem like I’ve ever heard of a player being punished for illegal compensations.


What ever happened to the two that Ark dropped?

It’s a shame it cost the coach whom spoke out his job! His players have spoken out already are not happy about the situation.
Most programs probably do cheat. Look at Bucky at Florida we beat him after he pulled the Tutto / Calloway deal last year!
Bottom line you want players whom want to come to our school and play.

I believe an offer can be withdrawn anytime before it is accepted and it is not accepted until a player and parents signs. That is as it should be since, if a player accepts, he is not obligated until he and parents signs.

Perhaps the NCAA should make a rule that prevent other universities from signing a player that first committed to another college unless both the other college and the player agree to terminate the commitment.