Saban should be fired

Its obvious he can’t make adjustments on the fly.

The defense allowed 21 points in the 4 quarter alone. If he doesn’t make defensive staff changes the seat better be warm.

Got to be some up and coming mid major coach somewhere that knows how to stop a dual threat QB.

He had an entire year to plan for this game and this was the best he could do?

Fire Saban. Fire all the assistants. While you’re at it, fire the AD. Tear down the facilities and start over.

I’m just not sure AL will ever win another game if the don’t clean house.

Holy cow Long time Razorback fan, Are you sure that you’re a Razorback fan and not a tide fan??

Forgot <sarcasm>

21 points in a quarter is a lot to score on Bama - very impressive BTW - but it’s not quite the meltdown that we’ve seen too many times from our beloved Hogs this year.

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:shock: :shock:

Hysterical! Sadly, some Bama fans are actually saying similar things this morning and they aren’t being sarcastic. Unreasonable fans are everywhere.

I remember a story about John Wooden’s last season at UCLA. Prior to that year, he’d won, I believe, nine championships in 11 years, including seven in row, but lost the preceding season. In what became his final year, the Bruins won again, making it 10 titles in 12 years. After the title game, Wooden said he decided it was time to retire when he overheard a booster say, something along the lines of, “Well, that’s more like it. We should never lose.”

Looks like you went fishing and caught one this morning… Great post, hilarious!! :lol:

Ha. Actually it’s much more of a meltdown. You have the best defense in the country with the best coach in the country and you give up 21, playing in the biggest game of the year. If you think that is less of a melt down than anything the hogs did this season, then I guess I will just never understand some hog fans.

Bama defense wore down in the 4th quarter. Hogs defense wears down after a half.

Bama couldn’t convert a third down in the 2nd half. Their offense failed, too

Saban disagrees with this assessment; however, he does admit to being the best recruiter in the country.

You left out the trees at Auburn… got to do something about them.

If his team played like Bielema’s did this last season he would have been.

Saban has proved one thing to me, that he’s a great recruiter. He’s a good coach, with the best team. He couldn’t even win this year with the best team. When he was at MSU he wasn’t anything special. I’ve said a lot of times that if he wants to prove he’s the best coach he needs to go somewhere like Arkansas or Mississippi State and win a NC. Then he can say he’s done something.

Not sure what to say about this post. Coaching is lots more than X and Os. This guy’s won 5 titles and you’re basically saying he’s just “good?” You might want to re-think that. Maybe use the “edit” feature.

Your on top of your game this morning!!!WPS