Saban Readies Press for Coming Season


There’s a lot to dislike about Saban, but you have to give him credit for his total honesty when talking to the media… what he thinks is what he says. Only Bama fans can watch a spring game with disappointment and want to go poison something. When Saban retires, you will see the ruin of the new coaches life on a grand scale in a short period of time because if you don’t go undefeated every year you are worthless as a human being and certainly a coach.

That is the youngest looking 67 yr old man I’ve ever seen. Amazing considering the hours worked and the stress that comes with this job.

Part of me wishes he would retire. However, he is a bright shining star for his
lofty achievements.
Few in sports have produced at the level he has.

He has said he wants to coach until 70 so I guess he wants one or two more rings. Bama will revert to the mean when he retires.

Pretty much proves the “Pact with the devil” theory…

There is one thing that makes him a great coach, the ability to recruit like no one has ever recruited. Yes. He can coach. But it starts with getting 85 great players. It enables him to coach hard and create an ultra competitive environment.

But You don’t have to be a butt hole. Recruiting great players is more the key than how he coaches.

Dabo recruits just as well, and does not treat people like crap.

Nick has made it hard on himself in how he coaches. He is going through a lot of coaches so he has to re train staff a lot. Not so much fun for him.

Correct. Great players can make coaches look great. Why Saban’s assistants all shine and move on with promotions and recruit really well also.
Sabans W-L records are indicative of the talent level he had.

Clay, in my opinion, you are the best Arkansas Sportswriter since OH (seriously).

Speaking of OH, did he ever use the term “butt hole” in any of his columns?

Have you seen Leonard Hamilton? He’s 70, but looks like he’s about 45 or 50.

What I want to know is if Saban uses a balloon to comb his hair. … ip-surgery

I covered Leonard Hamilton when he was at Oklahoma State. He looks the same now as he did then, what 30 years ago. Actually, I met him when he was working with Eddie Sutton at Kentucky. He was the same then, too.

Back to usage of the phrase “butt hole” and whether my dad ever wrote that: I think he did … but not in those exact words. I think he once wrote that Leotis Harris had a big butt. But he called it haunches – and he said it was the secret to his blocking.

Definitely needs product.