Saban on Hatcher … 9672570880

Pay attention to the beginning. Clearly Saban has no idea who Layne Hatcher is even though he is a scholarship qb on his team.

He quickly rebounds with very generic and universal characteristics to describe a qb.


New guy on a team of 120 plus guys. I can understand a brain fart.

Saban doesn’t have brain farts, he causes them.

That’s why Danny Ford just called them by their number. Didn’t have to remember any names. Some of you will remember that only a second or third year player had a name with Danny.

My favorite under Danny was RB Marius Johnson who he referred to as Mariolus, Maras, and Maurice at various times! :lol:

understand this…

About 2 months until training camp, several months after NSD, they swoop in a take a kid that had signed a LOI with AState? I don’t get it…

He hadn’t signed a LOI with ASU, or he couldn’t have gone.

I"m sure it has been discussed, but if he’s good enough to get an offer from Alabama (even as an afterthought), why didn’t we want him?

Connor Noland. John Stephens Jones. And there was that recruit from Earle that everybody wanted.

Thanks. Of course, Hatcher will disappear quite quickly in the Alabama squad, but I hate it when Ark kids go there.

As noted earlier, he had plans to blue shirt at Arkansas State.

But with Alabama now having just three scholarship quarterbacks left on campus, they needed to bring in another arm.

Coach Enos was familiar with Hatcher’s situation, had already offered him a preferred walk on opportunity, which Hatcher turned down.

But a scholarship came open. Hatcher went from not having Power 5 offers to the best football program in the country.

Best case of right time, right place I have seen in awhile.

Yes he did but they let him out of it… if that were true then how did the kid that signed with Baylor end up on our basketball team?

He was going to be a blue shirt at ASU, there wasn’t any NLI signed, fact. Baylor released him from his NLI, ASU didn’t have a NLI to release Hatcher from.

Blue shirts don’t sign anything “legal” until they actually get a scholarship.

He might have signed some piece of paper at a ceremony, but it wasn’t anything from the NCAA. … sas-state/ … ning-class … ma-201805/ … abama-flip

I think all of this was about trying to get in with Hudson Henry.

He didn’t sign a NLI.

I have NO desire to get into a semantics and/or grammatical war…lord knows there is a lot of that on here already…maybe chalk the stories above to (dare I say it) fake news. So…moving on…

whatever he did do or didn’t do with ASU is beside the original point which was it was interesting how all this took place…going from your best and only real offer at ASU to the defending NC…I don’t think he attended some type of camp where he “blew up” all of a sudden…strange this happens from NSD to now…

RD…did Enos offer/recruit Hatcher when he was still at Ark.