Saban nightmare

If possible Saban’s worst nightmare has to be a Silicon Valley multibillionaire decides he’s buying a national title team for the next few years and lays out millions to hand out to players.

Legacy and recruiting skills will go out the window as attributes

I see big anomalies coming in the traditional national recruiting rankings.

Like Oregon and Nike? Every Nike add over the next 5 years could include Oregon football players in it. There could be a drawback for Nike though. They might lose a lot of ground to Adidas when other colleges get ticked off at the special treatment Oregon is receiving and switch from Nike.


Play for pay at its finest. Goodbye, amateur sports…we hardly knew ya.

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The future looks exciting and bright. We now have a real chance to compete with Alabama.

May look more like club teams in Europe. No pretense of amateurs any longer.

What other schools have billionaire families as supporters? Some big companies demanded vendors move into the home office area. Maybe they could pressure vendors to come up with NIL funds for favorite school. :shushing_face: tongue in cheek, folks.

I think it’s time to take the C out of NCAA. Just call them the NAA. They can also slash their operating budget. There is no longer a need for an enforcement division. Every school’s colors have been changed to shades of green.

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This thread is frankly hilarious. Some of you people act like amateur college sports are the 11th Commandment that Moses brought down on the stone tablets. News flash: The Olympics survived the end of amateurism 29 years ago quite nicely, and so will the NCAA.

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I think you make a debatable point regarding the change that the Olympics underwent. Two big differences IMO:

  1. I don’t know actual percentages but I would speculate that for many (if not most) Olympic athletes this is their “job”; i.e. they don’t have to deal with the rigors of a school load on top of training…and now adding this third element.

  2. Social media and “clicks” changes the monetization model drastically from 29 years ago.

I don’t doubt (at least publicly) that most coaches are happy for their players to earn additional money. But I also bet privately they are very concerned about the distraction from team activities (film study, etc.) and the potential for heightened individual (vs team) focus.


Except that the Olympic players, amateur or pro, are competing to represent their country & not for the team that is highest bidder for their services. Big difference vs what is currently happening in NCAA sports!


I see it as similar to what the Ronin were during the Samurai era in feudal Japan. They basically became mercenaries, great swordsmen for hire to the highest bidder.


Yea professional sports have so many distractions the players now all suck

I find myself in the middle of the extremes.

  1. Yes, the amateur label in college sports (especially the big-money ones) has always seemed a bit of a misnomer. Additionally, with how hard these young people work these days to cultivate their personal brand (and it does actually take some work and thoughtfulness) I don’t have much of a problem with them reaping some economic benefits from the work they are putting in. That just seems like capitalism at work. Finally, I’ve always thought that it was incredibly unfair that if an NBA team wants to pay a young man of 16-years-old 2 million bucks to dribble a basketball, he should be able to go to the NBA. (I realize that the NBA is the one who sets the rules.) The same goes for the NFL.

  2. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with feeling at least a little bit sad about this new rule and the potential impact that it can have on how we view college sports and even the athletes. Fact is, this does feel, at least for the moment, like a major change has happened to college sports. I like professional sports; I like college sports. But, I’ve always liked them for different reasons. Somehow, they seem a little bit more alike as of today.

I’m not going to pretend like this is going to prevent me from watching and rooting on my Hogs, but I also don’t want to pretend like this is not a big deal and just business as usual.

I guess life just keeps moving, and you either move with it and find ways to adapt and enjoy it or you run the risk of becoming bitter and resentful–and none of us want that.

I hope these young men and women get good offers and are able to find some peace of mind and rewards for the hard work they put in to represent us all.


Bama fans are far more professional and organized in paying players than even Nike…

There is an enforcement division? Could have sworn that department disappeared.

Both of them have been in COVID-19 protocol for years! :smirk:

I just imagine some from that arena are still getting paychecks.

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