Saban might coach Alabama forever

He signed an eight-year contract that would employ him past his 78th birthday.

He honestly might be headed in the same direction as Bear Bryant. I’ve seen a quote or two from Saban (or maybe about him) that indicates he really has no desire for retirement activities.

Bryant died 37 days after he retired at Alabama. It wouldn’t shock me if something similar happened with Saban – that he coaches up until about the time he passes away.

One big difference is that Bryant died at the age of 69. Saban is already 70 and will be 71 in a couple of months.

If you compare pictures of Saban and Bryant, though, Bryant looks much older in his photos than Saban does today. I think Bryant was a heavy smoker, and I suspect Saban’s lifestyle is quite different than Bryant’s.

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In general, I think people today look younger than people their age looked a generation ago. There are a couple of men who live in my neighborhood who walk together every day. Both are in their mid-80s, but they look like they could be in their 60s.


Saban has said he wants to coach until Miss Terry tells him is too old!!! As long as he can recruit and they make Little Debbie snacks , everyone else will have to work harder.

Clearly we need him to punch a player (opposite team) on the sidelines, on national TV


I agree, For a while I was chalking my feelings on that up to the fact that I am now getting to that “old” stage (59, not that old, but sure not 29 anymore!). But I look at pictures of people from 40 years ago at certain ages, and look at most people that same age now, and it is very different.

No problem on the Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pies. We’re building a new plant just down the road from me. :joy: :joy:

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Signing the eight year contract just means other schools can’t use Saban’s age/possible retirement against Bama on the recruiting trail the next couple of years. They were going to give him a nice raise no matter how long he was going to coach. He might stay the whole time, but even if leaves in 2023 the current batch of recruits won’t hear a lot of negative recruiting about Bama’s lame duck coach who is about to retire.

My guess is that Saban’s retirement date, barring serious health issues, will be a very closely guarded secret until Saban and Bama have a plan in place for the succession-and it won’t involve a long farewell tour.

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People tended to smoke & drink more heavily a generation ago. Today we’re more health conscious. No doubt heavy drinking & smoking took a toll on Bear Bryant.


I am always amazed at this phenomenon. Photos of GIs in WWII all look like they are 40 years old but they were all in their early 20’s. Same with Vietnam vet photos and they averaged 19 years old.


When it’s your time, it’s your time. My father died weeks after writing his final column. It was not quitting his writing that got him. He no longer could write. Bear did not die because he quit coaching. He knew his health was failing and so he quit. No one was surprised he passed. Saban is doing well in all respects. But that could change quickly.


So thankful and honored that I was fortunate enough to meet and invite Bear Bryant’s sister to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us (my family) about 10 years ago. She was living in a retirement home
nearby and an attny friend of my step-dads opened the door for that special day to occur.
Of course, she was getting up there in age herself at that time and wasn’t as sharp mentally as
she once was but nevertheless still a delight.


It’s funny watching old video clips of actors back in the 60s & 70s smoking on the set of the Tonight Show. Johnny smoked for the longest too. My mom smoked until she had a heart attack at 51 and then she quit cold turkey.

I never took up the habit. Thank God.

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If Saban is 70 & capable of coaching for another 8 years, is it possible that Coach Pittman who is 60 could coach Arkansas for another 18 years?

That assumes that players, recruits, assistant coaches, & fans continue to like what CSP & staff are doing at Arkansas & CSP (& Mrs. CSP) enjoys coaching the Razorbacks.

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I don’t think Sam will go that long.

I’m a Nutty Buddy man myself Danny LOL

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Agreed. No doubt CSP & wife have their eyes on that Hot Springs lakefront home for retirement. Had hoped that would be on Beaver Lake & near UofA as enticement for them to remain in NWA & coach longer for UofA.

Hopefully CSP enjoys coaching the Razorbacks & has the fire & health to continue the daily coaching/recruiting grind for many more years.

Some people can’t live without football while others want to slow down and enjoy life. It blows me away how guys in their 70’s still put in the crazy hours. I’m sure some delegate more but hard to see Saban ever doing that.

I have enjoyed my work over the years. And I know some people just love what they do so much they can’t ever retire. Me? I hope to be able to afford to retire by 62, 65 at latest. If and when I can retire, I am gone. I want to spend time with wife, my grandkids, and trying to catch a few road Hog games!

I retired at 66 from a job I absolutely loved. It was time. I had been in my position for 25 years typically flying all over the USA and Canada Monday - Thursday. My wife never complained and it was time me to spend those days with her. We’ve hit 42 states in 2 different RV’s (the last 5 years) and spend tons of time with the 7 grandchildren. I’ve not looked back for one minute.