Saban may hire Hugh Freeze as OC ...

If he can squeeze this by the SEC office which we know he can do. The SEC office doesn’t want it to happen per the Bama papers ,but we know if Bama wants this…it is a done deal. The NCAA made it clear that they really don’t care because Freeze didn’t get a show cause…just a 2 game suspension. Saban must really like how Freeze recruits. Imagine what he can do at Bama…given how he recruited at Ole Miss. I guess the gloves are off now in the SEC West…anything goes. I’m surprised Gus didn’t hire Freeze… I really am.

Perfect fit. Takes one to know one.

Jimmy Sexton is pushing Saban to take him as way to get Freeze back in circulation. Saban likes his recruiting and play calling abilities but after considering him for Off. Coor. has decided to stay with existing person on staff and Freeze is probably a receivers coach if it happens . I think it will but we will see. Saban is only one who can make it happen for Freeze at this time.

I’ve heard some talk that this might be for an analyst position, not coordinator.

Saban hired his receiving coach from the Penn State staff so that leaves an analyst slot for Freeze if even that exits now given Saban has hired two for that slot in past week.

Alabama typically has about eight analysts.

Was told that Saban wanted the hire, but this was nixed by their AD.