Saban makes what 10, Sam makes what

A one score game against an established program among the elite ten year runs all time in college football - at their place.

How many 4 and 5 stars on that team and program at the top?

Amazing coaching job at Arkansas.



Sam makes $3 now and with the last two wins will be at $3.5 next year.

One has benefit of more than 10 years of best recruiting among history of college football of any era.

One does not.



Saban is worth every penny–He is the Goat. Today’s comment below from Bob Holt’s column says it all. Sam will move up the ladder as he gets to recruit more of his players going forward, but he has done heck of job with what he has and dealing with Covid during the first year too.

"200 over

Alabama Coach Nick Saban improved to 266-66-1 in 26 seasons as a college head coach at Toledo, Michigan State, LSU and with the Crimson Tide.

So Saturday’s outcome made Saban 200 games over .500 for his career record with an average of 10 victories for all of those 26 seasons.

With the Crimson Tide now 10-1, Saban’s Alabama teams have won at least 10 games in 14 consecutive seasons."

Saban is a great coach and even better recruiter. All he does is field lots of ultra-ultra-fast receivers and DBs, 6-4/250# LBs who run like the wind, King Kong size linemen, big and fast RBs, and the top HS QBs in the country. How does he do it every year?

Now the portal let’s him fill in on misses or injuries. Jameson Williams who had 3 TD;s against Ark yesterday left Ohio State where he was the number four receiver to join Bama. Those 3 at OSU all have over 1000 yards each with two games left in regular season. Williams also has 1000 yards and leads SEC. Bama and OSU are in top five recruiting each year and it shows. Arkansas has one of those types in Burks who was recruited by Saban too.

Of course Saban is worth every penny.

Just throwing admiration towards Sam for that performance with 1/3 of that Bama talent and no where near Bama historic level of program excellence these past many years.

Isn’t that 100 games over .500, not 200?

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