Saban has Covid-19; Won’t Coach v. Auburn

His second quarantine from a positive test. Obviously you can test positive after having an earlier positive test. Any medical professionals have any input on having it once and getting it again. I had thought/hoped that could not happen.

Seems like the first was a false positive. So this is his first time to contract it. And he apparently is now showing symptoms. Hope he gets well quickly.

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Oh yeah I forgot it was a false positive. I also hope he heals quickly.

There’s so much we don’t know. There is evidence that you can get the disease again, that the immunity you get from having it once doesn’t last very long. There’s also the possibility of a viral mutation that gets around that immunity; I read something the other day that there was a mutation early on in China that helped the pandemic explode worldwide.

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Get well super coach and go away to the NFL or just retire and run for office. Two former successful Alabama coaches representing Alabama in the senate would draw a lot of attention. Maybe governor would be more to his liking.
Just leave the SEC. Big bully.

I bet Saban doesn’t wear a mask and social distance when he is supposed to, when he is away from the campus. He just seems like an anti-mask guy. I am not surprised he caught it.

I don’t think he’s away from campus very much. Works 14-16 hours a day, goes home to Miss Terry.

Saban’s first go round turned out to be a false positive. He came back with three negatives in a row and got to come back.

I heard the SEC review booth examined Saban’s test. Upon making the determination there could be no immediate recovery, Auburn gets lucky once again.


Interesting way to describe the Saint

Auburn couldn’t beat Alabama this year if the whole coaching staff was a no-show.

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