Saban halftime interview.

Saban never satisfied no matter what the score. Always sees need for improvement. I bet he goes in and chews A$$ because they are not farther ahead. In contrast to CBB, I never see him get upset at anyone other than Ref. Never gets in a players face. I bet he goes in at halftime and eats a doughnut.

You are not watching enough then.

Sabah gets all up in his players faces

And he eats nails

Yeah. I think that is what he was saying.

I think that’s what he was saying.

He was saying Saban is amazing and tough and infallible and Bielema isn’t any of those things–oh and he’s fat. Had to get the fat joke in there.

When he was coaching LSU they were playing the Hogs in Little Rock. He got pissed at three huge Tiger lineman and went ballistic on them for a minute or two. The vein in his forehead was bulging . He finished chewing on them and walked away. He then turned around…came back over to them and wore them out again.

LSU was a disciplined,talented team when he was there. You know those Tiger fans are really upset he left there. How many National titles would the Tigers have today had he stayed?

Was that one of the times Nutt beat him when Saban was 3-2 at LSU against Arkansas or one of the wins?

Failure or lack of effort not an option for Saban’s teams. On other hand CBB talks a good game but not the same intensity. With our level of talent we need a motivator. CBB only shows emotion when refs involved

Thank you.

Uh, yeah. He said CBB doesn’t.

Saban can get all up in his player’s their faces and they respond because there is another 5* salivating for a chance.

CBB should do the same as well, but the best he could hope for is a major positive response from said player, not because he has a stud waiting in the wings.