Saban goes off on spoiled fans

Have to say I agree completely. Great rant.

He’s a piece of work!! But I can see his point.

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Entitled fan base! They think they should win them all and get every call!
It will be nice to see Georgia kick their teeth in at the SEC championship!


He’s not talking about anything that I don’t see on this board every week, win or lose.


Says the fan supported $9.7 million dollar man who has a full stadium of support and atmosphere to play in, really cool stadiums a facilities. At great financial sacrifice of those fans. Not to mention their time and effort and resources to be there at a every rising cost of those.

But I do get where he is coming from. Never ever ever in football in my lifetime, but I do remember in basketball, only when a Nolan was here, I recall it vividly, when we won by 12 or 15 fans and media wondered what was wrong especially non conference games, but even conference games. It was a great time.

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Yeah you built the monster and now you got to feed it!! And they like to eat a lot!!

Yeah we’re just like every fan base in America love to win hate to lose

And I am sure you just forgot to mention all the experts resident on every board as well.

He made his point and this isn’t the first time he has gone off on the second guessers.

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Love or hate Saban he makes a great point. He’s one of the few coaches who can say what’s on his mind not worrying about fan reaction. I respect his rant.

Living around a ton of Tide fans I can assure you they are spoiled.


Who is the you you’re talking about??

I have a lot of respect for Saban. He is an amazing coach. He says things that other people can’t or won’t and makes em like it.

With success and millions of millions of dollars salary every year, comes much pressure. Deal with it or run that filling station back home in W.V.

He is saying all this because he knows he’s not going to win a title this year, I’m pretty sure. You will not hear him say this in a season where he knew it was nearly a foregone conclusion Bama would win the title. Fans don’t like to be lectured by somebody making nearly $10 million a year, regardless of his massive winning record. He does a good job picking and choosing his battles. As Clay suggested the other day, not one word comes out of his mouth unless it has a purpose.

You correct. This was a coach speak preemptive strike before that possible thrashing that coming in the Championship game. And/or dropping out of the playoff picture. Possible coming home without any trophies speech.

I just want to see our hogs complete and play like they have this season and last season! I do grip about Briles calling east and west plays that go no where. Especially the reverse that has gone for - 50 yards the last 2 seasons.
The fight and heart they play with is awesome


Saban is the best. He is no different that Bear Bryant was during his hayday as far as communicating with his team and fanbase. Different times but head and shoulders over their peers.

Bama fans spent 25 years wondering who or if there would be another one like Bear Bryant. They catch lighting in bottle for second time and the fanbase wants to go all Texas entitled as if it is a birth right. When Saban is gone , get ready for more Mike Debose and Mike Shula in their lives. Saban is telling them but they cannot hear it.

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The man has a formula that works. This is a part of that formula–although, I think a slight part of this rant is to prepare fans for a loss. Whether or not Georgia wins is not certain; however, up to this point, Georgia has shown itself to be a fairly clear-cut favorite.

I don’t think he much cares what the fans think about this rant; he’s smart enough to know that sustained winning tends to keep the barbarians outside the gate and out of the castle.

He speaks to entitled fans and is right. Yet, what do you think he will say to the team at half if Georgia is beating their brains out? He is an entitled coach just like the fans.

Wait till he announces his retirement, which I don’t think is that far away. The dynasty will be pressed to continue.

Nick turned 70 on Halloween. I bet he goes at least until 75.