Saban cuts Kiffin loose....

He doesn’t screw around. But we knew that. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t jettison Kiffin earlier. Lots of folks think this will be a distraction. I bet Saban uses it as a rallying point.

He’s always in the moment, but also planning.

Sark being there all season was back-up for the Kiffin saga.

I think Clemson is a better team this year on both sides of the ball and will give Bama fits. If the offense for Bama falters and they lose, this decision will be wailed and thrown around by the Bama fans and media until next season.

Saban’s expectation is winning titles.

Clarity and purpose.

Kiffin had already check out. You could tell it. Even after the game when Saban and the team are on the stage being interviewed/receiving the trophy the camera showed Kiffin playing in the confetti with his kids not paying a bit of attention to his boss…

I’ve seen reports that say he was told he would not be retained prior to accepting the FAU job.

From all accounts his conduct the last couple of weeks was not professional.

I’m sure that working for Saban hasn’t been a treat. Kiffin helped that offense, I know that. I am guessing that after getting the FAU job it’s been tough to try to do two things. I’ve never understood how you could do that? So I figure Kiffin deserved what he got, but so did Saban. He knew what he was getting all along. And, Kiffin knew what he was walking into with Saban.

Good luck with that Mr. Saban.

For being the king of details, you look like a two bit riverboat gambler a week before the championship game.

This looks like a dumb move, even if Kiffin is a jerk.

I dunno. The only reason that Bummer didn’t run Warshinton out of the stadium Saturday, was Kiffen’s play calling. Probably a good move to go ahead and cut bait now.

Kiffin should have left when he took the FAU job. Saban and he may have agreed to do it this way. Kiffin needs to nail down a recruiting class in 30 days, so he best get busy.

I agree. The funny thing is that the national media, ever carrying Saban’s water, is already flipping it and saying they think it will really make the offense and staff be laser-focused.

I had wondered if Kiffin, after all he had a solid HC position, might subterfuge the game against Washington. He most certainly did use the run more than normal, as Saban desired. But he could easily have called a play here or there that stopped drives and kept Washington in the game.

Didn’t happen, but it was a fun thought.

He called a horrible game…

Heard also he made disparaging remarks about his situation, Bama and Tuscaloosa at the Peach Bowl so Saban finally said enough is enough…

I don’t care one way or the other what this does to Saban and his drive for the next trophy.
If this blows up in his face and they lose - well Meh!
If it drives his team to another trophy - well Meh again!

I just want to beat him at some point even if he wins another NC that same year and we don’t even make a bowl.

Well said. Oh the drama if Clemson wins :sunglasses: