Saban at Fayetteville High today...

Dudley and RD, so you know who all he was visiting today? I’m sure he visited Byers, just wondering about anyone else.

That would probably be it.

Don’t know that there would be anybody else

Interesting that Saban would come visit the young man if he isn’t going to qualify…

I also thought he was going to JC.

Just an excuse to come to town to eat at the Catfish Hole…

Fayetteville is pumping out the recruits. Smart move, build a relationship with the program, ideally before the next recruit is even identified.

Saban has gotten recruits from AR and the Fayetteville area before. Ones that we did recruit. He knows where AR talent has come from lately and he is just putting another foot in the door.

Last year it was grease ball from Kentucky now it’s the arrogant one from Bama. What comes next! I hope for the young man he qualifies and is successful. But it would have been better for him to be a Hog! Monk had an offer and left this young man did not get an offer

Byers admitted he needed a bump on his ACT. I now believe Bama will sign him. That said, we’ll see what happens after that.

I hope everything works out for him.

So you believe that Bama will sign him even if he doesn’t have a qualifying test score? Why would they waste the scholarship? Bama has depth but that wouldn’t make a lot of sense regardless of depth.

Schools do it all the time. If a kid is close they’ll sign a kid if they believe he’ll get the needed score.

That doesn’t happen nearly as often since they started capping the numbers. But we shall see.

Saban had a six pack of sunshine to brighten up the Fayetteville skies. He really does can sunshine according to the SEC office.

I thought it was a can of clouds and darkness he usually brought to AR?

Probably more than you would think.

I know a lot of people (myself included) assumed Saban visiting the school automatically means Byers will be signing with the Tide. Could he have done some research that leads him to do otherwise?

Saban was doing research. That I determined. What I do know is that Bama is very uneasy about the Byers situation. They know it’s dicey whether or not he’s eligible. They check three times a week on class attendance and it’s not always been a good report. Myself, I think the risk is too high. He’s had some good games, but he’s had some times when he took plays off.

FWIW, my last post was to hint along the lines of Clay. After doing more research, I have strong doubts Byers will sign with Bama.

And those :?: are exactly the character issues that keep Coach B from offering a player. Class attendance and taking plays off, those sound like character issues to me.