I noticed how Morris mentioned that the conditioning program will be handled differently. I think he walked in and saw what many others have seen, a team that is not in shape or ready to play in the SEC.

I agree with him that it’s one of the most important hires for him.

Old Herb was just a lot of talk and sweat. Players were in awful shape.

I wonder if Morris’s conditioning philosophies mirror Greenwood’s Coach Jones (they share many ideas).

Coach Jones emphasizes a gigantic amount of short 15-20 yard sprints.

They fielded the most un impressive looking teams physically that I’ve seen in many years on the hill.

Our lineman looked like the only curls they did involved a 12 ounce can.

The main issue was going to be playing up-tempo. That requires dropping pounds in the offensive line, I’m guessing. That requires an offense ready to snap the ball in 10 seconds. It will be a mindset. I think everyone expected a conditioning program more geared for running.

I’m interested to see how good Johnny Gibson is after dropping some weight.