S&C Coach

Any word on The Hill if our current S&C coach will be retained or if CCM will bring someone with him or look elsewhere?

If he isn’t, I will be watching to see if the foot injuries diminish.

I was thinking the same thing! I guess we’ll see.

Foot injuries are happening all over, including the NFL. Players want light shoes and sometimes they’re too light to provide the needed support/protection.

I can’t remember a time when a coach didn’t bring his own strength coach to a new job. I do not expect Ben Herbert to be retained.

It was pretty easy to se that Herbert did not do a good job.

Our hogs had a different look from other SEC teams, out of shape, small, fat, slow. They did not look like they spent enough time in the weight room.

New blood is needed!

The S & C guy, in addition to the obvious duties, also acts as the HC’s eyes, ears, and sometime motivator for the long periods in the off-season when the staff can’t directly supervise the players. So the S & C guy has to have the particular trust of the HC. Also if you are trying to change the culture on a team, the S & C guy has to help drive that change, since he and his assistants are there every day in the off-season monitoring/teaching/motivating.

Which is why almost any HC who was not on staff before bring in his own guy.