Rylee in the portal

I don’t usually get upset about people leaving in the portal. I figure if they don’t wanna be here, let 'em go.

But I LOVE me some Rylee Langerman. I sure hate to see her go. I am sure with all the backcourt staying plus the additions, she saw playing time hard to come by. But still. She was one of my very favorites.

Go get 'em Rylee. Someone is getting a great person.


I’m still pissed about Barry. Different times, Robbie.


After this year you only get one trip to the portal (without sitting a year) unless you’re a grad transfer. That should slow down the craziness. Should is the key word here.

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Jeremy, Forcing Barry into the portal is a lesson, in reality, I do not need or care to have. I suppose the fan base in the future should expect only the walkons and managers to offer continuity. I enjoyed watching Muss playing in the portal but I was mistaken in believing he was going to build a traditional team structure and add a few pieces to balance out his team. I now understand each year will be a rebuild and only a few folks will be held over with the loyalty about the length of tv news cycle. Not a pleasant picture.

On Raylee, she is headed to medical school and I assume she is going somewhere more faith-based and near a medical campus. Only a guess. What is the story you are hearing.


I haven’t heard a story on Rylee, but I sure wish every girl on that team played as hard as she does.

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Don’t know that there’s any benefit to going somewhere near a medical school; plenty of UA grads get into UAMS. And I don’t think she’s going to do what somebody on the Gymbacks did and start med school (or in the Gymback’s case, law school) while still a varsity athlete.

Faith-based, I could believe. But it may just be a case of her PT was going to dwindle next year.

Only speculating knowing she is from Norman, Oklahoma I thought she might be headed back that way going into her senior year. As I recall she is a 4.0 student in premed and has pretty much completed her required coursework. Maybe someone has more direct information regarding her situation. Losing Sasha and now Raylee cannot help the team’s development going forward.

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Any word as to what she is planning?

She is transferring to Oklahoma State.

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