DE RYDER ANDERSON 6-6 230 4.9 Katy, Texas vs. North Shore 15 TT 4 SA, 7 QB hurries, 1 FF, 1-9 receiving, 1 TD

Any truth to Anderson de-committing? We still show him as a “Commit”, but hearing he may be going elsewhere? :?:

To ole miss

I think most understood what was happening. Dudley mentioned letting the kid find another spot.


Correct, unfortunately, not every poster is “most”, haha.

They’ll eventually learn.

I am confused. Did he have an offer to play football at Arkansas, but now no longer?

He did but he had a lot of development to do and Arkansas wasn’t ready to take him in the 2017 class.

Big reach. I now feel more confident in our running game against Ole Miss.

Ok thanks. I was under the impression that Arkansas didn’t rescind offers and that all the offers CBB gave were committable offers. Can you explain the difference between Ryder Anderson and Akial Byers?

Now, to be clear, I am more than fine with this move. In fact, I’ve questioned, on this board, why we had a kid committed that wasn’t a starter on his HS team. But the confusion stems from being told that this staff doesn’t extend non-committable offers. If the kid had an offer (which he obviously did since he was committed), then was told to go elsewhere, doesn’t that make the offer non-committable?


Ok. Interesting.
So it isn’t an academic situation with RA, but rather talent/development?
Not trying to be obtuse, but it seems odd to pull his scholarship offer now.

Arkansas saw him at the Houston satellite camp and offered shortly afterward. They continued to monitor him during the season and knew he needed more development. Are they heartbroken he’s going elsewhere? No.

Was this a situation where the staff realized he didn’t develop and they stopped paying attention to him in hopes he took another offer? Or did the staff realize they made a mistake and pulled the offer? Or do you not know?

What is the difference between the two? Either way, they didn’t want him after they offered him a scholarship.

So did Ryder Anderson have his offer pulled or does he still hold an offer from Arkansas only now it is not a commitable offer? These are the only 2 options.

As I stated numerous times on this board - but obviously not well enough to get it across clearly - when Arkansas offers a kid, he can commit right away.

But that offer can be taken back because of a variety of things, including grades, character, etc.

That is all understood and conveyed to the prospect at the time.

While he seems like a nice kid to me, he obviously had trouble at his school earlier this season and certainly didn’t get as many snaps - and thus tackles - as you would think of a Division I player.

It is my understanding that he does not have an offer now.

Let me be clear. This is not the first time Arkanas has pulled an offer. The two WRs from Louisiana are two that come to mind.

What I do think he has is a high ceiling and potential, but I don’t think you can take too many - if any - chances on DEs in this class because of where the program finds itself now.

It may have not been in this thread, but I did see a reference to this happening because of the loss to Missouri.

That can’t be accurate because it happened before the game

Thanks. So one of the “variety of things” would be that the staff finds someone that they like better?

I would certainly suppose that would be one of variety of things

I figured it was him, glad to finally know. He worried me anyways I have heard he didn’t play very much and was doubtful he’d translate to the SEC of all conferences. Hope we can grab a good replacement we need a solid DE!