Ryan Wingo wins the 100 and 200

at district yesterday. He ran a 10.60 in the 100. He did so while feeling a little ill.

Thanks for sharing this video RD. Ryan clearly is a fine young man that has been raised well and I truly hope he carries on the Wingo name for the Hogs down the road!

Not surprised. Ryan is a such a good young man. I promise you, Pittman was very impressed with Ryan during his last visit in March.

Some guys let all the attention go to their head. Ryan hasn’t changed a bit.

Sr. and his wife have raised him right.

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Awesome to hear this about him!!!

Great to see this. Family can make such a huge difference and it’s good to hear some positive reports like this. Wish the young man well wherever he goes but I sure hope he becomes a Razorback.

I remember discussing the track incident on this board a while back. Very moving then just as it is now. Very special & talented young man. He sure would fit into the Sam Pittman culture very well.

Thanks Richard. Stories like this remind you that there are a lot of young men/women who put others first.Loved this.

State meet starts tomorrow. Will update how Ryan does.

Also it’s looking like he’ll enroll early.

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