Ryan Wingo tidbits

As noted in an earlier post, Pittman hung out with Ryan the entire visit.

I don’t think the visit could’ve gone any better. Ryan was all smiles when he was talking about the visit.

The highlight of the visit was talking to Pittman. He said he has a great bond with Guiton.

Very impressed with the facilities. He said the visit exceeded his expectations.

If he doesn’t have a track meet, he’s looking to visit for the spring game.

I can say for sure the visit helped Arkansas.


Aloha RD,
Was CSP able to spend quality 1-1 time with the other recruits?
UA…Campus of Champions

Sure he did.

I got a clarification on the visit, Pittman was with Ryan during most of his visit not entire.


I still smile when I remember Ronnie catching that wheel route at Georgia. :smiley:


I remember a wheel route for a TD against Bama in Fayetteville. Was there another one at Georgia that I have forgot?

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The one from Mallett against Alabama was the loudest eruption of noise I’d ever heard to that point.


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