Ryan Pulley and Kam Curl suspended for the week...

and won’t be with the team this week for those of you not following along in the story from today’s press conference.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ouri-week/

No surprise. They both deserved the suspension.

Big losses. They let down their teammates.

Thank goodness - was a little concerned Morris might suspend them for a series.

Kudos to him and this is an impressive move to this fan. Big talk without action would be damaging.

Pulley probably cost himself some money, as now he’s going to have the “character issue” tag. It will be interesting to see if the staff gives him much help/support to make it to the pros. On the one hand, he’s got talent and it’s good for the program for guys to go the next level. On the other hand he really screwed up and embarrassed the program.

I missed something…what did they do?

Sometime during the pregame both visited with Miss State dancers/cheerleaders exchanging phone numbers.

This didn’t cost him money, but his play did. He hasn’t been very good this year. Certainly not the corner we thought we were getting.

If he were to declare he would be a late round pick at best, 7th round or undrafted FA most likely.

He’s not as good as tevin mitchel was and he was a 6th rounder.

Exchanged phone numbers? That’s how the question was asked at the press conference, seems unlikely, did they have pencil and notepad? I’m fine w the suspension if the coach thinks it’s warranted but sounds like hooey to me. :sunglasses:

Pretty common for them to have their phones on the field pregame… considering they listen to music on their headphones and what not.

It is 2018

Yeah & they got the week off…maybe dinner and a movie this week in Starkville :lol:

kudos to Coach Morris for toeing the line. Tough to do after giving up 52 and now going on the road to face Mizzu and Drew Lock. Discipline is a key ingredient in a successful football program. Everyone has to be subject to the same rules. Hopefully the kids will gain some maturity from it, if not, bon voyage fellas, we don’t need football players not interested in winning football games.

Lol, might should look for some real estate there while they are at it. They may both be heading somewhere else at the end of the season.

Pulley is lots better than Mitchell. There is just no comparison on cover skills. Pulley has much better hip movement, and he’s quicker to the ball when he has to cover out of moves in front of him. Mitchell was the best we had at corner for a long time, but I don’t think he would start in front of McClellion or Pulley this year-which kind of tells you where we’ve been on cornerback recruiting until recently.

Pulley has played very well at times this year, but he was bad on Saturday, and has not been very consistent the last three or four games. They ask a lot out of him in this scheme, and like any CB locked up in man, if he fails everybody sees it.

I don’t remember if Pulley walked on senior day, but he is a fourth year junior and will be 23 years old before long. I will be surprised if he does not take his chances in the draft.

No he’s not.

And if he declares ill be glad to revisit this in April.

I’d be very surprised too if Pulley doesn’t declare, even if the advice given is to wait.

Unbelievable by both kids and glad to see CCM taking a stance on this sort of stuff. You want to create a certain type of culture then everyone is accountable, starter or not!

Morris did the right thing. Got to send a message if he’s going to build a program.

Pulley like to celebrate after he makes a play. He better learn to look for the ball. He has been a disappointment to me all season and look at how many blown coverages he had Saturday along with missed tackles and just a don’t give a hoot effort.
Curl just followed the wrong upperclassmen. I hope he learns a lesson and returns.
The NFL don’t put up with attitudes so Pulley better take notice.

I’m glad to see CCM take action and enforce discipline.

No way to answer this, of course, but I wonder if Pulley and Curl would have been suspended if we were 8-2 instead of 2-8. Maybe CM would cut them some slack if so, maybe not. I don’t disagree with the decision in any way. Definite indication of a lack of focus, win or lose.

The NFL doesn’t put up with attitudes? The NFL is ALL attitudes. Particularly in D-backs and wide receivers. That’s a battle of egos as much as a battle of physical skills.

I had faith that CCM would do some “rough justice” in this case. Glad he suspended them. Hate it for the team. Wasn’t much chance of a win on Friday, but it doesn’t help to lose two starters in the secondary when the opponent’s quarterback is Drew Lock.

Swine, probably wouldn’t have happened if we had been 8-2. The focus would have been on the game. I just don’t understand why they didn’t wait until after the game.