Ryan Mallett

any word whether he will get signed somewhere or is he done in the NFL?

I bet he gets another shot. One thing interesting, he now lives in Fayetteville. He purchased a big home on some acreage near town. The man who sold it to him had a Razorback room that had some blown up images of Ryan Mallett playing as a Razorback. When Ryan did his first walk thru of the home, he had the realtor and ask if he’d like him to autograph the prints. And, so Ryan did that. Pretty cool. The man didn’t know that it was Ryan looking to buy the home.

I sure wish he would have been able to play longer for us. He’d had owned all the records. Vertical routes were so nice with him throwing it. It got a lot of defenders off the LOS. Man he can sling it.

If he doesn’t sign by camp it won’t be long into the season he will get a call… too many injuries to the QB position to not get another shot.

He’s the one guy that I almost wanted to be in a third and long situation…gawd, that arm!

I have really never understood why he has not really clicked in the NFL. He showed all the skills while at Arkansas… I have loved watching him play as a Razorback. I’ve pulled for him in the NFL but it has not panned out too well.

How close is he to being eligible for NFL retirement? Is it ten years?

Here’s a good read on NFL retirement - and how it compares to other major sports.

https://firstquarterfinance.com/nfl-pen … ment-plan/

Well I’ve always been a big RM fan, I think he really blew a big opportunity in Houston. I’d bet Ryan would agree.

I spent several hours with him in Little Rock recently.

He would love for the Cowboys to call, but they haven’t.

He still feels good about landing somewhere before the season starts.

Lack of accuracy is his biggest issue and problems with escapability…has he been officially released by the Ravens?

His one-year contract expired in March. He is a free agent. Didn’t have to be officially released.

I had heard he had trouble learning the playbook when he was in NE and with the Texans. Don’t know how it was with the Ravens.

Petrino quarterbacks have just never really translated to the NFL for whatever reason.