RW3 hanging it up

Not a huge surprise, and understandable, but disappointing.

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Wow, what a great job of putting his thoughts to words. I’m sad that I will never see Rawleigh carry the ball for the Razorbacks again, but I have no doubt that he will be a success in life. All the best to the young man and his family.

class act and person!he will be successful in whatever life has in store for him.although he will no longer play football…he will always be a Razorback for life.thank you rw3 for the excitement you brought to the field and continued success in life.

robert lusk

Wow! What a great kid!

Will he get a medical hardship so he can get his degree on scholarship?

Love to see him a part of the Razorbacks for a long time.

Thank you Rawleigh for coming to the Hogs and being the young man that you are. Wishing you the best for your future and may the Lord bless your efforts!

Jeff H.

While I am disappointed that we won’t have Williams in our backfield this season, there is no doubt in my mind that he made the right decision.

God bless Rawleigh. Hope the best for you in the future. Will keep you in our prayers.

Yeah he will stay on scholarship, but he comes off the list of 85. Medical hardship is actually when a player is given an extra year of eligibility because of injury, as happened with Kody Walker.

It is tough to lose such a fine individual who is a great player and a great person per his teammates. He made the smart decision to protect his health, and I am glad he did. The great thing is he is ready to tackle the future healthy and ready to go…He will always be an Arkansas Razorback. Good luck, son.

Well written. Well said.

He deserves our prayers and encouragement.

Thanks for the memories, RW3. It was a pleasure watching you compete.

As others have said, there’s no doubt in my mind he will be successful in whatever career he chooses.

Gotta love RW3.

Great great character and I’m very happy that he will always be a Razorback!

I hope the Lord leads you to awesome properity, RW3.

Woo Pig!

RWIII will always be a Razorback. I wish he would’ve stayed & played, but there’s no way to criticize his decision. I think if I’d been in his shoes & experienced what he’s experienced, I do the same thing.

Thanks for the memories.
Now continue making our world a better place.

I believe great events are in this young man’s future.

RAZORBACK forever!

RW3 seems to approach everything with great determination and effort. It made him a top running back in the best conference in college football. That same determination and effort will make him a success in what ever he choses. Thanks, RW3 !

It’s amazing to me that he returned after the first injury to lead the SEC in rushing. What an amazing story that deserves a place in the theater. So it is a smart thing for RWIII to hang it up, and it is my prayer that he will be a success in whatever endeavor(s) he undertakes.

Thank you RW3 for being the best team player anyone could ask for! I will miss that big smile of yours as much as i will miss watching you play. The world is a much better place with you walking the walk. Now, you have one last Razorback chore, " Go get your little brother to bring his talents to Fayetteville ".

Thank you RW III for choosing to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. WPS

I am excited about the impact he could make upon our team as a student coach while finishing his degree. He is an exceptional young man that is STILL a leader for our team.