Rutledge and Bonnin

What a shot in the arm they would have given this pitching staff this year

I tend to believe there are reasons they are not a part of our team. Not saying they are “bad apples”, but the fit must not have been right. Deciding on the make-up and roles in a baseball team are MUCH more difficult than in football or baseball because ability isn’t all that factors into is.

That 12.7 (or 11.7 - whatever it is) scholarship number is a HUGE factor. Also, the window for making an impression for the MLB draft is shorter (after 3rd season). And sometimes, coaches and players/parents just disagree about the role in which the player will best help the team (as opposed to his personal agenda).

These things happen most every off-season, to most every upper level D1 program. I’m happy with the bunch we ended up with, and honestly wish the best for both of the transfers you mention as well.

The 11.7 scholarship limit is ridiculous. Totally…just like the 2 coach limit.

The scholarship limit is a complete joke! Football gets 85 and basketball 13.
Baseball should get the number equal to a travel roster. That’s my opinion.
Any school should be allowed to hire as many coaches as they need!

Bonnin wanted to be a starter that’s why he left. Rutledge was wild as a billy goat and couldn’t find the strike zone and he hit the road. they may have helped this last season but DVH put a roster together and the hogs had a good year.
Maybe nest year our pitching staff will surprise us again! Noland, Wicklander and Kopps will be put in the fire.

I think Army hit the nail on the head.

I think you also have to give credit for getting Ezell and Goodheart on board. Without those two, we don’t get to the CWS.

I think in both instances, the coaching staff felt like it was best for the team if those players moved on to where they could be in starting roles.

I agree it was best for those two to leave based upon the few things I’ve read. Rutledge might have improved dramatically this season, but he was absolutely awful at the end of last year.

I also agree that 11.7 scholarship limit is awful. However, I don’t expect it to change. The SEC and maybe a couple more of the P5 conferences or schools within them would support an increase, but you can bet the lower conferences would fight it to the death. They’re not making money on baseball already. The last thing 2 things they’d want is to increase their costs & to have each SEC program get a shot at another couple of players. If it were football, the P5 might be able to dictate it, but with 50 baseball games a year and the need to play so many non-P5 schools, P5 conferences probably don’t have the leverage in baseball they have in football.

I think both pitchers ended up having good years because they transferred. If they had stayed here without some sort of wake up call-especially Rutledge-they may not be in the position they are in now. And, for what it’s worth, Bonnin had a couple tweets after the game directed towards us. It was obvious he didn’t bleed Razorback red. Glad they had success elsewhere.

If there’s a player in any sport that don’t want to be a “Hog” they need to hit the road! Bonnin had some good moments for the hogs last season but any comment he has can be taken with a grain of salt!