Looks like it may be Rutgers in Gator

I think they had a decent season this year… they improved quite a bit over the last two or three years

The NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee will meet Thursday and determine the policy for a bowl replacement opponent for Wake Forest among 5-7 teams. If the committee leans heaviest on Academic Progress Rate, Rutgers would be the first option because it has the highest score. is still reporting Rutgers will play in the Gator, even had a story on how to buy tickets. So we shall see.

That report is pre-midnight and has been since contradicted by other reports including Brett McMurphy. As I said, we shall see.

Sort of confirmed:

Bowl not mentioned, but since that’s the only opening (so far), we can connect the dots.

Next up on the APR pecking order if PSU bails out: Cal-Berkeley. Then the Fighting Bielemas.

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