Rush is the word of the day

I think we will know in the first quarter if we are gonna win this game.

is the rushing game effective early? If we can’t run against this team we are in trouble.

Can we rush the passer? Sosa and TJ need to rule the middle, get a push, and get their QB off his spot. Our D-ends don’t have a great runner at QB to worry about. They gotta get after him.

IMO…those two factors will tell is a tremendous about. Early.

I agree with you on part 2 but on part 1 I think we had rushed for a ton of yards leading up to the start of the debacle late in the third. So if we can do the same today then what i don’t want to see us doing again is letting go of the rope…taking the foot off the gas. If we get up big keep freaking piling it on…will build a ton of confidence.

Part 1 though - is my concern and biggest key to game.

Start of the third in last years game against them…sorry.

Good grief…late third. Can’t gather my thoughts…still jacked up from my daughters big soccer game earlier lol. My bad.