Rush D v the SEC

Against aTm: 37 rushes 366 yards = 9.9 yards per carry
Against Bama: 34 rushes 264 yards = 7.8 yards per carry
Against Ole Miss: 31 rushes 150 yards = 4.8 yards per carry

And then tonight is going to be worst yet

I’d say something should change.

What. Would you change first if you were CBB or Long?

The defensive coordinator for one.

He certainly has some explaining to do… :shock:

How many returning starters did we have on defense?

Of course, they weren’t good last year either so that clearly wasn’t a plus.


53 rushes 532 yards = 10.0 yards per carry

This is the most deep and talented DL we have had in quite some time. Just can’t believe they didn’t wear down Auburn’s Oline.

Its starting to become apparent that the coaches just wanted to us to believe this unit was the best one we’ve had. I don’t think the DL is bad, but it isn’t the elite DL we were supposed to be expecting. Sad thing is, I love our corners. When was the last time we had such a talented group? And how many times have hog fans dreamed of having just a good group of corners to compliment our strong front 7? Kind of maddening.


57 rushes\t543 yards = 9.5\tyards/ carry