Running the ball

A serious question about Saturday’s game.

Is there any way we can run the ball? If we CAN, we have a chance to win. If not…then no chance.

People have compared Auburn’s defense to Alabama’s. But watching them against LSU, they got hurt badly by the jet sweep. Which is strange, considering their coach is the one that popularized it. We have had some success with the jet sweep as well. Perhaps we should run a few more. If TJ is healthy…and that’s a big if—then he and Jordan Jones are both excellent on the jet sweep.

Now that Wallace is probably back in the lineup at right tackle, might we have even a little more success with base run plays? Who knows what iteration of the O-line we will see this week…but if we have either Ragnow/Gipson/Wallace or Rogers/Ragnow/Wallace night actually allow us to play right handed for a change. I know Devwah has disappointed some…and his vision doesn’t seem to be great…but there needs to be more movement up front. Maybe Wallace can help with that?

I am asking all these questions because I don’t believe Cole is ready to just carry the offense. And even if AA plays…we can’t protect unless we can run.

So I hope to see more jet sweeps early…stretch them sideline to sideline…then hopefully our base plays will work well enough to where play-action actually means something.

I also suspect we will see some tempo. But I don’t think we can out-tempo Auburn.

I am focused entirely on the Oline and pray for 2nd game improvement of the new starting 5. It all comes down to the Oline.

To run the ball, outside, inside, any side, the Oline must block and do so well. They keep rearranging the deck chairs on this sinking ship. Do you really think that will help? I hope it does, but so far, there has been no real Oline play. Oh yes, our line is not close to LSU. Hope I am wrong.

I am thinking Kelly will run the ball a lot, both intentionally, and not intentionally.

I’d like to see us use one back more and not rotate as often. Seems to me neither of the three backs can get in a rhythm because they are in and out of the game so quickly.

It’s hard for any back to “get in a rhythm”, whether on his first play or many consecutive ones, if there is no hole to run through.

If we throw on first down and keep some tempo going no huddle and don’t allow their defense to sub and catch their breathe we may be able to run. The tempo is the major key in my opinion! The Oline needs to hold some blocks but the play calling needs to help them out some.

I agree with that also. Been a problem since Anderson was hired. We have good backs but they have no chance to show it.