Running QB

Man, watching the A&M game, and how effective even Kellen Mond can be on running plays, really sheds a light on how vital a running QB would be to this offense. Makes me VERY anxious to see KJ as our QB. It’ll be fun to see his 4 games this season, but by the time he’s THE MAN in couple seasons, could be very fun for us.


No guarantee KJ becomes the man, Chandler Morris coming. Definitely faced/facing stronger competition in HS.

The only video I’ve seen on Jefferson is from the first week of summer camp. His passing action looked like more of a push than a throw, like one would use to throw darts. I would like to see how he has developed this fall. Getting any reps, let alone meaningful reps is hard when we are in tight football games. I want to see him get a couple of series, not just a special play or two. JSJ may get reps before him too. JSJ has some wheels too, and would like to see what he can do as well.

It was obvious to me coming out at the second half that Mond was going to try to run. I suspect our defense anticipated it as well, but couldn’t contain completely. He hurt us just enough for them to win the game. And, the one time we had a good QB scamper, it was the next to last play of the game for us.

Listening to the Hog Pod’s interview with CCM, this offense NEEDS an accurate QB. That’s what this staff recruits. Hopefully they get that with KJ, because his feet would be an added bonus. That being said, accuracy is Chandler’s M.O.

Maybe that’s what he was getting at when he said we need a accurate QB. I hate the scrutiny that comes with Coach/son on the same team, hope it works out. WPS

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