Running out of the hog pen?

Any inside information about the way the players will be entering DWRRS under the new staff?


They will come out of north end zone boxes right behind goal post. They will actually come through an open area behind the boxes at ground level. They will go off the field in the northwest corner. You can get to the locker room from either place.

Thanks Clay!

And they will run down both sides of the “A”!!! Wonderful ! Compared to the lack of enthusiasm upon entering the field last year. I also expect our coach to run through the “A”!!!

Mike Irwin said something about an AR stone all the players will touch coming out with the theme CM started -1 Arkansas. I like it.

Yes. I wrote about that Monday. It is granite.

This is it.

Sort of Clemson like – Howard’s rock. Morris coached there. But it’s fine. I assume that granite came from an Arkansas quarry? Surely so.

I believe coach said Monday that it was not his idea but was already in the works. I may have misunderstood him.

One thing it apparently will not include is the rodeo-style metal gates that were added under Bielema.

Would have preferred a granite razorback but that is just my opinion.

Traditionally, the offense ran through the right side of the A and defense to the left,

BB’s teams didn’t follow tradition on this. I’ll be watching to see if Morris’s team does.

I never heard that “tradition”, and I was with the team every day for five seasons.

I heard HDN say that once and started watching. His teams did it that way as did JLS’s and BP’s. As mentioned, BB’s didn’t

Love the idea of a granite hog that gonavy mentioned but with the massive bronze one’s out in front of the building I think I like how they set this up and the meaning behind it. Love the new tradition! Also really digging the red lights around the doors they walk through on their way out.

Thank the Lord above the hog pen days are gone…that seemed very high schoolish to me if that makes sense.

Looking forward to MANY new beginnings with this team on Saturday and can’t wait to see it all get started, exactly 3 days from now!!!


Once the players touch the granite rock of the State of Arkansas, how do they access the stadium?

Surely not by running straight ahead through those tiny doors??? Even if those doors are propped open, the width is still too narrow for 105+ football players and staff to run through.