Running more clock off before scoring

Thanks, DawgHOG. I always worry that I see something no one else sees!

I annoy the crap out of my son because I won’t just go bonkers on bad plays/calls. I tell him it is the “baseball” or the educator or the something coming out in me - never get too up, never get too down.

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The pass on first down cost them a chance to run out the clock. A run play on first down might have knocked off 20 seconds, and/or caused Missouri to burn a timeout. But it’s tougher to pass on third down than it is on first down. I’m guessing Missouri was looking for a run in that spot, why a pass was a good call. We go back and forth on that. If a run had been stuffed and then they played pass on second and third then that would be second guessed.

I agree that the only way to win was to use all but about 10 seconds of the clock and get the two-point play. But I also know that you have to use the plays that you think have the best chance to score.

You should be able to win a game with 43 seconds left

I find this whole thread fascinating…maybe the folks on this thread are just more optimistic in the course of a game than I am…because with us behind by a touchdown my concern was “can we score a touchdown…period.” There is no way in the world, in my opinion anyway, you can just assume you are gonna score a touchdown AT ALL. Much less WHEN. I suppose if we were on the one inch line we could have run clock assuming we could score when we wanted…but gosh…how many times have we all seen teams not score a touchdown once they get inside the 15?

ALOT. It happens very often.

We just had to worry about scoring…at all. Anyway we could. Then try to hold them.

I actually thought it was fortuitous that we scored with as little time left as there was.

And then we became swiss cheese. Missing Morgan was huge…


You score and then hope your defense can hold. Field goal, sure. Run the clock down to the end. But what if we run the ball and fumble?

Other than not throwing the TD pass to Woods on first down, what else could we do? Didn’t call timeout, didn’t spike the ball, didn’t even go out of bounds during the final drive.

LOL unfortunately I do go bonkers and my wife gets on me. My son is just like me gets pretty wild at my house. And with the DVR you can go back and see for sure what is happening I think I am worse. Great to be a Hogfan and sometimes it’s tough to be a Hogfan.

I agree they thought it was a run. I have no problem with that call. I just knew they would march right down the field but can’t fault the call. Defense has to make a play at some point but I had zero confidence they would. Or just had the feeling it would be no problem for them to get into FG position. Why not give Clark help over the top and try and stop them from going at him? I think we all knew that is where they were going on that last drive. And the loss isn’t all on him no one on that defense stood up in the 4th.

They went inside to Banister, too. It wasn’t just one play that would work. And if they wanted to run a sweep, they could have done that and gobbled up yards, too. There were two issues with the defense in the fourth quarter.

You noted Clark having trouble. But they also couldn’t stop the run after Morgan left. And, after Montaric left, they had to move Catalon to corner to play man-to-man so they would have enough in the box. They were playing man on the four wide players with Foucha playing free deep in the back. Foucha does well as a forcing outside linebacker, but not as well as the deep man. That’s where Catalon does best. Catalon is better in man-to-man than Foucha, why they made that move. But Catalon is going to tackle better sideline to sideline. Oh, well. You all saw it.

I didn’t know we lost Brown on that last drive. We need some CBs!

Brown wasn’t out there in the fourth quarter much if at all. Chavis wasn’t full speed. I saw him try to warm-up and he didn’t have anything in his legs. Guess he’s still hurt. That’s why they moved Catalon up on a WR. He didn’t give up any plays. He can definitely play CB. But I like him better at safety.

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This is the thing. In that situation, priority #1 is to score the TD - nothing else matters if you don’t.

It’s one thing if you’re at the 1 or 2 yard line, with timeouts so you can bleed the clock down any way you like and still get in as many plays (up to 4, if needed) off. But at the 20 yard line, you may well end up needing all of that time, and more. You simply cannot turn down a good scoring opportunity (someone open in the EZ) thinking you still can/will score a TD in that scenario. You have to go on and take it if you can.

Of course, we were all nervous with the time left - and for good reason, as the world knows now. But I have no problem with the way we executed that last scoring drive.

Did Brown get hurt?

I saw on TV that Catalon was playing man on a WR…but in the emotion of the moment I must admit I didn’t realize Busta. was out too. That explains everything…becuse I was asking myself why they were sacrificing Catalon’s playmaking at safety. Now I know why.

I should be more observant.

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