Running back room

This is more of a question that an opinion.

I totally understand and support big Dominique being the lead back. He has earned it. But I was a little surprised at the limited snaps Smith received. Is he nicked? Did the staff want bigger backs for this game specifically? Or has he simply dropped to 3rd on the depth chart?

Just wondering.

It looks like he’s third to me. But he still was out there in critical situations.

That’s what it looks like to me too.

I think Dominique has solidified his spot. Though I think Rocket and AJ will keep coming on strong too.
AJ needs a spring and a fall camp (since he missed so much camp sue to concussion protocol). AJ needs to get stronger. But he has “plant one foot and explode” cutting ability. (Which Dominique has too…its what makes him so tough). Plus of course world-class speed.

Our running backs look good for years to come.


Transfer portal is changing decisions. That is what it looks like to me. We are trying to keep Johnson and Sanders.

The two young guys are just better. Smith is a good back, but if Green/Hunt stick around he might move even further down the pecking order next year. That’s not a knock on Smith, it’s just a testament to the talent that this staff has brought in.

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I see no way Green leaves. As soon as he gets a spring and a fall camp he is gonna blow up. His talent is obvious. He just fell too far behind with no spring, fall, nor even a scrimmage.

If we want to keep this caliber of RBs coming, we’ll have to pay Jimmy Smith whatever it takes to keep him. I have a feeling that soon, he’ll be getting even more offers from the Bamas, GAs, Oh States, etc. of College football. He’s done a fabulous job in recruiting and on-field coaching!

Very likely. He is a big asset.

Though Sam did make it pretty clear that he (Sam) had to finally say GIVE THE ROCK TO DOMINIQUE.

Having been through so many SEC wars at TN, AR, GA previously, I think he has a firm grasp of how the game and the players are flowing. Sam and Saban and Smart are listening to a different drum than just book analytics.

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