Running Back depth

We know that Boyd is a great one, but durability has been issue. The reports on Trelon Smith are promising. Who’s next? Gotta have at least 3 who can get it done. Maybe more in this covid world.

I think Dominique Johnson is third. The coaches have said he shows good skills for his age.

Bigger back. Not as fast, but does have some shiftiness. Tough runner.

The other issue on Boyd was conditioning. last year, he tapped his helmet more than any player I’ve ever seen, in any sport.

The guys here have already written about how he’s in better shape this season, can see his abs, etc, so i’m really hoping he can stay in games and stay healthy. He is a difference maker and we need him toting the rock.


What about the 2nd year back from Alabama? I don’t remember his name.

A’Montae Spivey

There’s also Josh Oglesby.

AJ Green and Javion Hunt are the two TBs that are pledged to Arkansas in the 2021 class.

I’ll have a Green story this weekend. Here is my last one on Hunt

Hunt had 21 carries for 139 yards in week one and had 13 carries for 27 yards in week two for Carl Albert (2-0), winners of 51 of their last 52 games and looking for a fifth straight state title.

I’ve always thought Spivey was good but never hear anything about him,so must not be getting it done.

He’s dinged up according to Pitt. I’ve got a feeling his number will be called at some point this season.

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Spivey battling back from injury in camp. He will play.

That explains it,I think he’s very talented…

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