Rundown of what Pittman said Monday afternoon

Good to hear they send in missed calls. On one long TD run Bama blocked one of our guys to the ground from the back. It was clear as day. My GA friends were texting me about that no call.

Note: It was not a game changing no call at all. But frustrating.

Sam said that after being asked about Jordan Domineck being held pretty good on Milroe’s 77-yard run on third-and-15 that took the air out of the building. Arkansas gets that call and Alabama is backed up further, who knows what happens. (Maybe a 30-yard completion on third-and-25)


We were not as good as Bama. But you are right. That hold was obvious. Bama, and this is no fault of theirs, tends to get benefit of the doubt calls. Their corners have their hands all over the receivers…all the time. Against everyone.

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Yeah, the Bama lineman was holding Domineck by the face mask. Very easy to see.


Called it when it happed. No calls rule sports. Not bad calls.

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I mentioned thats how they teach it at Bama. I was watching a game with one of their DBs that got drafted to the pros. During his 2 quarters of play I bet he had at least 5 different calls against him. Couple of defensive holding and a couple of interference. I kept telling my dad it was because he played at BAMA and they are use to getting away with that but they call that crap in the NFL.


Ding Ding Ding…

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