Run the Spread Against Alabama ...

What would blow Alabama’s mind is if we came out running the Pro Style Spread on offense. They would not be prepared for it.

Have we even ran the spread at any time this year?

I think Arkansas shows the spread every game with 4 receiver sets, empty shotgun, etc. Arkansas has become a much more spread oriented team since Dan Enos arrived. But even spread teams run the ball. You won’t see Arkansas abandon that.

Last year our first play against tide was a 5 wide formation. Hit pass for a good gain. Never went back to it entire game. I don’t think we’ll be able to pound these guys. I agree, spread the field even to run the ball. Our strength is receiver and qb. Quick passing game to protect Allen. Otherwise he might not last entire game

Mix up first downs we seem to hand off left Rwill or hand off right Rwill we need positive yards every down against a stingy D like Bama

Austin Allen is good in the shotgun. There will be some of that this week. But I think the secret to playing Alabama is not to be predictable as far as formations. They do base their system of blitzes based on formations. Enos said that yesterday.

Recall Enos saying some of our plays are not structured for Bamas DL, or something to that effect. RB right, RB left are plays I hope he had in mind and won’t waste too much time on them.

He said you have to look at play structure when you play Alabama. That’s the specific quote.