Run the ball down their throat

…and make them like it.

That’s the formula tomorrow.

Our new 3-4 scheme needs to serve its purpose, and help prevent huge plays. And Mr. Kurl needs to play like a madman.

WR’s need to play well…and JRed needs to prove to be healthy.

But the TOP key for me is the o-line and our backs being able to run and make them like it. “We are coming right here…and you can’t stop us.” Folks are talking all about Chase Hayden and well they should. He looked terrific last week… But I didn’t see him in the game on too many pass plays. He can’t play alot unless he can pass block…unless you’re content to hold up a sign saying “we are handing the ball off to #2 on this play” when he trots into the huddle.

So…my predicted hero of the game, assuming we win this thing, is Mr. Devwah Whaley. Our fanbase recalls how our-of-our-minds we were when he flipped from UGA to us. He was a big-time get…and he has turned out to have a great attitude and work ethic.
He is big, fast, and looked good in limited carries last week. I thought he made several nice cuts and really showed a burst.

I say Devwah goes for a buck-fifty plus and we win.

Maestro, I agree with you. I think David Williams plays a lot too. You should always run straight at a fast defense, and that is the strength of our Oline (G C G). Kendrick Jackson is going to tear up some TCU LB’s.

Agree - it is all up to our patchwork, walkon Oline. They wanted to play. They must have practiced well to start. Now, lets see what they got. The game and perhaps the season rides with them. I am still from MO on this and will be through A&M . By then we will know.

If you can force TCU to load up in the box to stop the run that opens up the play action pass. The screen game will play a key today. If we run for 300 yards today it would be great. And the clock goes tick, tick , tick. All that fun and gun offense can do is sit and watch. That’s the formula but you have to cash drives in with touch downs not FG’s!!!