Rumors growing of Benny baseball to Yanks

would just thrill Red Sox fans who just jetered the Yanks for a win… Benny baseball in the Bronx would not be my favorite but it would bring a little more light on his play and hopefully lots of Hog mentions. Yanks are stocked and seem to be able to meet asking price, but it would make me wonder how good Drayton influenced Big Hit Bob. No way that I would give up Benny baseball (I did get rid of my Benny Red Sox jersey, cannot stomach a KC anything in baseball (screw you again Denkinger)).

Hated him going anywhere but he is a better version of himself in KC. He underperformed the last bit in Boston but going to Yanks is distasteful


I hope he never goes and out on the Yankees uniform.

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Not trying to derail the thread…but, boy…was that hard to read. One of the more poorly written “articles” I’ve read lately…

“(Gallo) is hitting well below his career averages, and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.”

“Can the Yankees actually snag Andrew Benintendi in the MLB trade deadline?”

Will the team oblige their request to get their hands on the star hitter?”

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Kansas City to the Yankees. That is like going from the OUTHOUSE to the PENTHOUSE. Good for the kid! :sunglasses:

always been a strong tie between the Yankees;Kansas City and Oakland when it comes to trading players…and for the most part…the Yankees got the player just as he was hitting his prime and peak after the other 2 had developed them in their farm systems…

Yeah, two of the lowest payrolls in the league.

Yankees pace to break the WINS record in a season has slightly slowed, now on pace for 116 which would tie the '06 Cubs (152 games / 116-36) and the Mariners.

I love Benny being in KC. It gives me (another) reason to listen to their games. (I can’t watch on TV since I have YouTubeTV.) I do understand the desire to be well paid and to go to a winning team.

If you want to curse Denkinger, don’t forget to call out Darrell Porter for the passed ball and Jack Clark for the dropped foul popup, also in B9.

That was the only World Series game that I attended. It’s a favorite memory of a great day with my Daddy. After the game no one wanted to leave. Years later, the same thing happened after Tennessee Redemption and then last year after we stomped the shorthorns.

I watch major leaguers mess up in most games I watch. They lose balls in sun. Drop balls at first base. Miss cutoff men.

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