Rumors about J Catalon

Anybody hearing anything about J Catalon?

I think everyone just needs to go to bed.


Not heard anything about Catalon but I ran into a guy yesterday that says Elvis is alive living in a nursing home in Tupelo.


That is correct and Dale Earnhardt is his limo driver when he occasionally travels about. WPS

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Last night I was eating dinner down in Fort Smith and guess who walked in???

Yeap… John Gruden and damn if he didn’t look pretty sharp wearing a red tie. Evidently he had flown Lonnie Davis up here and they were having a conversation. I could not hear most of it, but when I walked by their table going to the rest room, I could swear I hear Hogs mentioned. Will be interesting to see where this goes. I know it really knocked my socks off!!


Interesting @votan. That red tie is a dead give away. And Lonnie could shore up our tight end depth… :joy: :joy: :joy:

Catalon says he’s going nowhere, also said neither is Slusher…

Take it FWIW.


From Catalon IG live


Pretty solid source I’d say.

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Burks would be hand full for most if he got into a fight, esp if he was angry for a reason on top of it.

OK…help a brother who will be 60 when his next birthday rolls around…when you say IG I presume you mean Instagram? Is that segment archived like it often is on Facebook? I’d love to go watch.

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What is IG. Before I rack my brain trying to figure this out. LOL

IG is the abbreviation for Instagram Mike. Which is one of those Social Media deals kinda like Facebook. I’m not on it so that’s about all I know.


Yes, it’s Instagram. Not sure you could go back and watch but then I post to Instagram about twice a year.

Cat had plenty of good news, can’t wait to see him back on the field. WPS


Ft Smith? Was I there?

I do live in VB but grew up in Ft Smith.

I’ve always wondered if the boar hunting with just a knife is real or a tall tale.

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He hunts with dogs. The dogs chase and pin the hog down and then you stick the hog with a really long knife.

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I don’t think so, I was at the Blue Ember Smokehouse… Still searching for some good beef brisket and it was not bad. As far as I was concerned the best came from the Pink Flamingo but once Ralph sold it, the portions shrank, the price increased, and it is just not the same. So looking around.

Very true…