Rumor mill...Dorian Gerald injured again?


Broken leg is what is being told. His career is over… hate that for the young man he has never had a chance because he cannot stay healthy.

Gosh I hate that for him. I had the pleasure of visiting with him a couple of years ago. He impressed me with his sincerity and politeness. All the best for Dorian.

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We’ve asked for confirmation.

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Oh no. How awful. I hope this proves to be untrue or maybe not as bad as feared.

It’s a broken leg.

oh my, I pray that is not the case. he has put in sooooooo many hours and YEARS of hard work, that would truly he a horrible example of how life is not fair at all. holy crap I hope that is not true.


Just bad luck if it’s true. I hope the young man gets healthy if true. Football isn’t the most important thing.

The UA isn’t going to have an official comment, but we have confirmed it is a lower leg injury that will likely end his season.

Another example why they had better be thinking about that degree. That stays with you regardless of injury.

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I do not ever say the NCAA isn’t going to give him another year. It seems that every time someone asks for an extension, they say, give it to the hard luck guy. Grant Morgan is playing a sixth year. I read somewhere about someone playing a seventh year this season.

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Rice had a seventh year guy on the offensive line. East Tennessee State has a guy who is an EIGHTH-year senior. Freshman in 2014 at Temple.

That is insane. Must have a double PHD

I read somewhere that a couple of those 7th year guys have two masters degrees by now. Not sure if anyone has gone for the doctorate.
I can remember when athletes lost their eligibility if they got their degree. That was an NAIA rule for a while, not sure if the NCAA had the same rule. Really stupid if you’re trying to encourage education, and they realized it and changed it.

Feel horrible for Dorian. As for applying for a waiver for another year, my question is, why? We know how that will end. It is time for life after football. All the best to Dorian.


If he wants to play another year, fine. It’s his call, and Sam’s, since he’d still be on the 85. But I certainly would understand if he’s ready to get on with his life. Maybe he still thinks he could get a shot at the NFL.

Hate to see this for Dorian. He is all Razorback. Best of luck to him in whatever path he chooses.

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