Rumor has it Reggie Perry DE-COMITTING!!!

Is this just speculation?

Something is going on, but those “in the know” said he is still committed as of now, and nothing either way has came out since the rumors first surfaced.

Would be worse than Monk and Goodwin bc this kid has every reason to be a hog

I actually agree with this, think he would have a much bigger impact for us.

This would be the biggest disappointment of them all.
By far.

Especially with the potential ramifications on some of our other commitments. This would certainly change the outlook of the program. Hope it’s just a rumor. Also, hope our coaches are on top of this.

This would be awful. They sure have been All Hog on Twitter but it wouldn’t surprise me bc if things could go wrong they usually do for us.

What’s the source? He has been all Hog. His mom moreso. His pinned teeet is asnd has been about how he is supposedto be here. I think his mom bought him matching Hog jewelry for Christmas.

He was overseas with a bunch of 5 stars. I’m sure they put a bug in his ear. But I wish ppl wouldn’t run wild with stuff like this.

If he flips on essentially his home state, all of his. Issues and a summer coach who is all Hog that wld be a major surprise.

Your post alternately makes it sound like a fine deal and that you don’t have much info on it.

Pretty much ruined my night, though. Hopefully Richard or DD?? will pop on as they did a day or 2 ago and say he’s as solid as it gets.

But it’s Arkansas so you never know.


“Absolutely Not” as of yesterday per him and his teammates. But, again, it’s us so I expect he worst.

Keving McPherson is saying it’s not looking good for Arkansas.

I must admit, this is a very unexpected turn of events. I mean this kid was about as all Hog as you can be. I don’t know what it is, but people just have the perception you can’t be a one and done at Arkansas, despite horrible Washington and LSU programs that just had the last two #1 picks.

Yep, he answered the rumor, and said what I did above, but he did say his opinion was it doesn’t look good.

Is he saying it isn’t looking good or that the trip has him thinking? There’s a big difference in the two.

I’ve heard Seth Greenberg put a bug in his ear which is completely inappropriate.

McPherson may be right. He has a record of trying to make a name/splash and then often reeling things in.

Again, DD said YESTERDAY he was rock solid. Maybe something changed. Or, maybe a 17-yr old is just talking.

I’m not getting on the ledge, yet. Would be nice to hear from DD or RD on this.

I must admit when I first read this thread I thought it was just wild rumors started on Hogville. But, if Kevin McPherson says there is some cause for concern I believe him, he’s very close to Perry and most of the Hog 5, he’s gone to everything they’ve done this summer including all their practices, and just did a radio segment a couple days ago with Fitz Hill and regularly does segments with Bill Ingram, so if anyone would know he would.

If he decommits, this would probably be one of the hardest blows as far as losing a recruit in Razorback Basketball history. Unlike the Monk situation, Perry is actually committed and was all Hog.

These are the quote from McPherson.

“The last 72 hours have been surreal, started getting calls early Wednesday morning. Not looking good for the Hogs. Whenever this gets resolved, I’ll share what I can.”

“I was asked directly if there was anything to the rumor, and my post confirms there is. I’m not going to share specifics that have been told to me in confidence at this time. However, I can clarify my own words a bit more as I don’t want to mislead. When I said it’s “Not looking good for the Hogs” that was (and still is) my opinion based on what I know PLUS past experience. Because, as of now nothing definitive – or even a leaning one way or the other – regarding a resolution/decision has been shared with me.”

It’s us so I’m sure it will end badly but KM has a history of jumping out and trying to make a name and blowing things up and then backing off.

My hope is that’s what happens, here.

I have been out of pocket most of the day, but wanted to share a few things.

Because of this spring, Reggie is getting a lot more attention.

I think his head is spinning a little bit and Richard I have talked to several people inside his circle.

He may - and that’s may - de-commit and take a look at some other schools.

But I have heard nothing to lead me to think - at this moment - when all is said and done that he won’t play his one year in college with his friends.

When has he done that? I follow him on twitter he’s usually accurate on his information. I will say he he gets a little too excited sometimes about recruits, he will tweet out every little thing they do, I seen him re-tweeting prom pictures of the recruits. I don’t know too many hog fans that care who the recruits prom dates are, but whatever he covers basketball recruiting well, so I won’t complain too much about that.

With all that said, I’ve never known him to over blow stuff when it comes to the recruitment of a player. And he REALLY wants Perry to be a hog, I highly doubt he would pass along any information that would say otherwise if it wasn’t something to it. He seriously has been all over recruiting analyst to bump him up in the rankings. I honestly believe he’s one of the reasons he got a bump in recruiting, I mean he was relentlessly posting highlights of Perry and tagging the recruiting services in those posts, and a lot of times they responded to him.

Now, this is just my opinion, from what I’ve been reading… I think Perry went overseas and connected with some of these other top guys and they seen how good he is, and you know the trend with kids these days, they like to create super teams. So, some of those other players have probably been in his ear about teaming up with them at one of these blue blood schools to try to win a championship. Then with Perry tweeting during the draft that, it’s going to be him up there in a couple years, it’s obvious he has the whole one and done on his mind now, and he’s trying to win a championship in one year, and he may not think he can do that at Arkansas. Which, my question would be, why can’t he be a leader and get some of these other 5-stars to come join him at Arkansas.

I can’t point to specific examples. Seems like he likes to drop nuggets and show he’s in the know. Seems like he does that a lot on potential recruits/grad transfers. Maybe I’m wrong. That’s just the feeling I get. Seems clear he’s trying to land a bigger gig somewhere and it hasn’t happened yet.

As for Perry, yes that seems to be what happened. So Hoggy. There has never been a bigger recruit who has been more about the Hogs.

And, now this. Just have to hope it’s kinda like the typical post visit high and once he is back playing with the Hawks he will re-affirm.

But, it’s us, so I’m sure it will end badly.

Literally went from yesterday being as rock solid as can be to today maybe/probably decommitting and testing the waters and “as of right now” having no reason to believe he won’t play for Hogs.

It’s Hog life in a nutshell.

Justice had a lot to do with Perry committing. Perhaps he needs to re-recruit Perry.

Arkansas Hawks are playing in three tournaments in July. Will be interesting to see how Perry interacts with the rest of Hog 5 or Hog 4.

It did feel out of norm to not have any off-season drama. But with Garland first and now Perry, it feels normal.

BTW, this sort of thing doesn’t happen to just us. It happens to all but the Top 5 schools.

I bet it happens there, too. They all fight over the same 20-30 guys and there are flips. But, I get your point.

And, honestly, it would be uncommon if we didn’t have to beat back a lot of this stuff for an out-of-state 5-star.

It’s still frustrating, though.

Earlier this week he was nothing but 100% Hog. If he decommits, after his relationship with our entire staff, and the other commitments, I don’t see how he ever plays here. In turn, I don’t see how that doesn’t affect the other current commits.

Sounds like that other people have been recruiting him harder. I sure hope we didn’t get complacent with him. I noticed that Dudley said that he may want to look at other schools, and not that he is considering playing overseas. Therefore, he appears at least open to other schools. After all this time, that simply cannot be viewed as anything other than he isn’t 100% sold on the Hogs.

If we can’t close the deal on Reggie, after all of the advantages we have in this case, then what in the world would lead us to think we can close any elite 5* recruit?