Rumor for SEC officiating 2022

I heard this week from a VERY good source, that one of the SEC’s referees has been demoted. No more white hat, he will be a “back judge”, or something like that.

I was asked not to tell anyone specific names, so I won’t, sorry to tease.

But hog nation will be very happy.

Will this kind of info be public at SEC media days, or do we wait till the season starts?


My hair curles in hot, humid weather. How bout your’s.


Mark my words. Good news here…


He was the worst referee in the SEC for over 10 years. He will now be the worst Back Judge for the next 10 years. Is that progress with improving the quality of officiating?


A Back Judge can throw a game changing flag as easy as a Ref.


These early kickoffs have distorted the meaning of what a Saturday morning ref is. That used to mean a guy who is only qualified to ref the Saturday morning 7th and 8th grade games.He is, at best, a Saturday morning ref.

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Probably more so. Back judges call a lot of PI and targeting in the secondary.

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I don’t think he is fit to ref my Grandson’s Sat games! The young men from Tech do a much better job!


Well maybe there’s a powderpuff game on that Tech campus,that could use a man of his talent and experience. I hate to just take everything away from him. He needs the game more than the game needs him.

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I figure he will get a chance to make an impact if he wants.

Curles has been demoted to center judge. He will no longer be a referee. I found someone who knew.


he can always try to transfer to another conference unless the SEC is the highest paying one…if he doesn’t like the demotion…or the other conferences don’t want him either

Curles might try to defect to another conference to get his ref job back. However,
On his resume the experience is there for that, right up to his current status and the demotion for inferior or incompetent performance.

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He could go call Sun Belt games. If they’d have him.

FYI, center judge is in the offensive backfield opposite the white hat. He is not in the defensive backfield as suggested in this thread.

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There will be faux holding calls…or perhaps a defensive unsportsmanlike called on a player(see also Florida game circa 2010?)

Yep, but OP said back judge, not center judge, so I was going off that.

The center judge’s duties include ball spotting, marking off penalties, managing the substitution process (like standing over the ball while the defense substitutes) and “assisting the referee and umpire,” which apparently means watching the pocket and line of scrimmage.

The demotion alone should impact his thinking. Obviously the league graded him & found him wanting. Did he make too many phantom calls? Fail to make too many obvious ones? Few things are as obvious as the blown call we had against AU a couple of years ago that cost us that game.

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Our friend Mr. Curles didn’t blow the call at Auburn. Jason Autrey did. And the replay center backed him up on some nonsense that we didn’t immediately recover the loose ball; it took at least a millisecond.

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I didn’t mean to imply Curles made that call. Just meant to say not all errors are that obvious.

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