Rumor ad is looking to leave

Heard late in week the ad is looking to leave. Anyone else heard this?

HY? Haven’t heard that

Just putting this out there, but wonder if this is going on behind the scenes. We’ve got the Highland Park High boosters with their SMU coach in place, former HPHS QB getting some snaps, and coach’s son and bff coming to town next season.

What if the Highland Park-Hog boosters decree that CCM is not going any place – and if he does, all their $$$$$ is going with him?

What if the AD is feeling that heat from one direction but looking at the obvious reality of a hopeless losing coach and fans and other boosters demanding the ouster?

An AD being pulled in all directions. No way to make everybody happy, no matter what he does. If CCM stays, football is not going to win, and he’s going down for it eventually, but what if some big $ wants CCM to say? What does the AD do?

Would you want to stick around for all that?

Yes, I was told by someone with very good connections on the hill that HY was discovered to be speaking with USC representatives regarding their just-filled AD position. Needless to say the PTB/GOBN was not happy.

If this is true, do you want to fight to keep an AD who is back to back 2-10 with his football program?

If USC called me about a job I’d sure as heck listen, whether I was “looking to leave” or not.

HY inherited this back to back 2-10 football program so he does not take the fall for CCM being hired.

Hopefully we can keep HY. He seems to have been proactive in upgrading the basketball & other UofA sports. The last thing that we need at this time is a vacancy at the AD position.

Not actually factual. I do not believe HY hired Chad Morris. I thought Chad Morris was a U of A / Board hire as we were also hunting an AD at the time. So labeling this hot mess as HY’s football program is harsh. Though he is the current guy in charge and the buck does sit on his doorstep. Though if your going to blame someone, more accurate would be to blame the Board. They put us here.

Yurachek is about as responsible for the past two football seasons as he is for the baseball team going to the College World Series two years in a row.


Spot on,

I like Hunter, and I hope he doesn’t leave. Does anybody think he might leave because he wants to fire Morris, but we can’t afford it or he has been told it will not be allowed? It doesn’t take a visionary to see the trouble down the road if Morris is retained. I might want to flee, too.

If I was Hunter Yurachek and USC called and wanted to talk to me, I would sure listen.

I don’t buy the notion that HP is pulling the strings.

Glass half full; we have an AD who is in demand.

No disagreement. Have to listen to USC.

AD may be in demand.

But so is our program.

In dire demand.

But just out of curiosity.

If the AD is not responsible for a football program because he did not hire a coach, then who is responsible?

Bot or whoever hired him or jerry

I’m with you.

I meant who is now responsible almost two seasons after the hire.

We all concede this AD was not in on the hire.

At what point long after a hire does the AD have any responsibility for program performance?

I would say it’s fair to judge HY based on what he does going forward.

You cannot judge the man based on the hire.

But he now has a big stinking mess in his lap, with what is in reality two horrible options to address it.