rules for assistant coaches on the bench

I have read some post complaining about how our assistant coaches act during a game. So I did a little research and I think this is correct…

Appendix III, Section 1
c. Assistant coaches and bench personnel. All bench personnel, with the exception of the head coach, are required to be seated on the bench while the ball is live except to react spontaneously to an outstanding play and then to immediately return to sitting on the bench. Violations by players, especially assistant coaches, should not be tolerated by officials. When assistant coaches or bench personnel are violating bench decorum rules in a minor way, the official shall inform the head coach and request that he handle the situation. This is an official warning. Any further violation by bench personnel shall result in a technical foul assessed to the offender. Egregious (blatant) conduct violations by assistant coaches or bench personnel need no warning and shall immediately result in a technical foul. A technical foul assessed to bench personnel is also assessed as a CLASS B technical foul to the head coach.

We have actually had this enforced in AAU play.