Ruled out for the weekend

For the first time since I began covering the team, I will miss the opening baseball weekend. Some of you know I had a bout with flu. I got over it, but a complication from it has me sick again. My doctor told me today that I was not to be at the ballpark this weekend, so I will be watching baseball from home.

Coming in from the bullpen will be a veteran 56-year-old right handed writer, who has seen his share of opening day and opening weekend series over the years.

Get well, Matt.


Hate that for you Matt! praying for you brother.

Hope you heal up well soon. How are you watching it? Is it on TV?

Yes glad we got the slam door Closer coming in! Looking forward to getting the season underway!

Prayers Matt! Take care.

My prayer is that Matt will listen to the doctor!

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That’s a bummer. Get well!

Hope you’re better soon, Matt. Fortunately, I think our bullpen can handle an inning or two even if the writer is a bit long in the tooth.

Obviously the veteran replacement will be getting by on guile and throwing a lot of junk.

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I was planning on being there anyway. Matt thinks we can’t cover baseball without him. This baseball opening day stuff is old hat to me. He knows he can skip a game or two, but I don’t know that he does that well. Dang millennial.

Take care Matt! Hope you get better soon!
I’m sure you hate missing the opening weekend. I know how much you love Razorback Baseball.
Follow Doctors orders!
Go Hogs‼️

Feel better soon Matt.
I’m just getting over the flu myself and my wife caught it from me several days ago.
No fun.:slightly_frowning_face:

Mind your doctor and get well soon!

Get totally well soon Matt and take care of yourself. We will pray for you! You can enjoy staying warm in the comforts of your home. It’s a long season and you need to be ready for a trip to Omaha!

You can stream it on the ESPN app…if you miss it in real time, the replay should be loaded within 15 minutes or so of the game’s end (Navigate to Baseball, then college, then “on demand or replay”)

What a slacker🤡

That was good Dudley.

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